Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

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Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

It is that time again when Urban Melbourne takes a look into the vast depths of our project database and this month we select the Top 5 from the projects currently approved.

5. The Altus, 238 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

Why do we like this? Besides the fact that if built it will be one of the tallest towers in Docklands and most certainly the tallest in Digital Harbour, the design will complement the curves and glass of MAB Corp's The Quays to the west located in NewQuay and also provide a landmark structure for the Footscray Road gateway into Docklands. Furthermore, the Altus will include a 4.5 star Sheraton Four Points hotel when completed.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

4. Rawhouse, 97-99 Rose Street, Fitzroy

Why do we like this? From the team that have brought us The Commons comes Rawhouse which if built, will incorporate similar architectural and sustainability features as its predecessor. Even though it is a relatively small development only housing a total of 12 apartments, Rawhouse also features an open stair well, a concrete and timber facade which will be recycled where possible and will have no car parking due to its close proximity to amenity and services. Also being located in Fitzroy just behind the Veggie Bar, the concept of this building will certainly appeal to those that want to live in this area and with only 12 of these babies available, they will surely be sold in a flash.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

3. 9-11 Caravel Lane, Caroline Springs

Why do we like this? We like this because it is a multi-storey island in a sea of suburbia! Along with Cascada situated just down the road, these apartments set a good example of apartment living in a non traditional setting. If we also consider that the Regional Rail Link is being constructed and will pass nearby to Caroline Springs, the public transport service starved outer suburbs may see the light yet.

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

2. 6-22 Pearl River Road, NewQuay

Why do we like this? This building designed by dko Architecture has the potential to become an iconic building for NewQuay, Docklands and Melbourne. The leaning, protruding structure provides a striking silhouette and would also provide fantastic waterfront views for those lucky enough to live in the building. In July 2013, MAB Corp sold off the site to the prominent Singaporean developer Hiap Hoe which has hit the ground running in their first foray into the Australian property realm reportedly wanting to start construction immediately! Great enthusiasm!

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

1. 450 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Why do we like this? An Elenberg Fraser cracker! This 62 level tower is just shy of the 200 metre mark features a fantastic folding facade that creates a visually striking wave effect from the lower levels and all the way to the top. Hopefully we will see this tower move through to registrations and sales in the near future!

Urban Melbourne's Top 5 Picks: Approved September 2013

Do you agree with our list? Tell us what you think.

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