Urban Melbourne audience survey

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Urban Melbourne audience survey

For the past few weeks you may have noticed a small popup in the bottom right hand corner stating Urban Melbourne is looking to better understand its audience.  

Urban Melbourne audience survey

We have recently onboarded Melbourne-based global online measurement company Effective Measure to help us with this task.

The survey has standard market research questions - age group, gender, profession, level of education and income brackets - however we have also added 3 custom questions to the survey more specific to Urban Melbourne.   And it's these Urban Melbourne questions along with the profession-based Market Research questions which will have an impact on the content we plan to publish in the new year - so we would greatly appreciate as many responses as possible.

All data is reported to us in aggregate form - meaning no personally identifiable information appears in the Effective Measure reports - and you have the choice of not answering specific questions.  Along with helping us plan our content for next year, the data collected during November and December will be used for a new media kit we will be producing in January 2014.

So on behalf of the Editors of Urban Melbourne we'd like to thank you for helping us out by you taking a few minutes out of your day to complete the survey.

You can directly access the survey via this link. (Opens in New Window).

Our privacy policy can be viewed here.  Effective Measure's privacy policy can be viewed here.

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