UEM Sunrise's next Melbourne foray shapes as a standout project

UEM Sunrise's next Melbourne foray shapes as a standout project
Mark BaljakFebruary 12, 2016

Malaysian firm UEM Sunrise has teamed with ARM Architecture for the developer's third Melbourne project. Lodged with Council during late 2015, City of Port Phillip have already indicated that they will support the extravagant conversion of the now commercial complex at 412 St Kilda Road into 182 high-end apartments.

The emergence of an amended planning application comes as Victoria Police are preparing to vacate the building following the sale of the asset during 2015 for $58 million.

In typical ARM Architecture style, the rebirthed 412 St Kilda Road is a statement in colour and flair, with the existing structure set to be gutted and a new facade applied which will in certain ways meld design features from recent ARM Architecture projects The Face and Orbis in nearby South Melbourne.

UEM Sunrise's next Melbourne foray shapes as a standout project
CBRE City Sales' pitch for the asset which was offered for sale during 2015

At the time of 412 St Kilda Road's sale, UEM Sunrise MD and CEO Anwar Syahrin Abdul Ajid offered the following quote:

The intention of this acquisition is to develop an unprecedented ultra-luxurious residential development, potentially with a mix of ground floor retail and serviced apartment components. The Company will continue to evaluate the market condition in order for the development to meet future market demands.

The decision to acquire the 412 St Kilda Road site is part of our strategy to ensure steady flow of overseas projects. The property is in a different location from the two core CBD sites we currently own. Being in the city fringe, it promises a different lifestyle and thus, will appeal to a different market segment.

Anwar Syahrin Abdul Ajid, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, UEM Sunrise

With a new facade consisting of pipework over bronze aluminium panels, copper louvres and frit patterned glass, 412 St Kilda Road is set to become a standout building in an already prominent location.

UEM Sunrise's next Melbourne foray shapes as a standout project
Level 18 amenities within the proposal

The reconfigured building will see 13 apartments per floor ranging between 53sqm to in excess of 100sqm, with the majority falling between 70sqm and 85sqm. The development's 182 apartments are split between 42 single bed and 140 dual bedroom options.

In line with the existing building's layout, car parking arrangements will absorb basement level 2 through to level 3 above ground, with a reconfiguration allowing for 155 vehicles. Ground level will be activated by way of a 285sqm cafe while the top two levels will be dedicated to residential amenity.

412 St Kilda Road's design flair is in contrast to UEM Sunrise's initial two Melbourne apartment projects which carry more subdued exteriors. With Aurora Melbourne Central under construction and the nearby Conservatory well into its sales campaign, UEM Sunrise look likely to launch 412 St Kilda Road during 2016 should they seek to keep their Melbourne apartment pipeline flowing.

Mark Baljak

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