Toorak Road level crossing on the Glen Waverley line to be removed

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Toorak Road level crossing on the Glen Waverley line to be removed
Toorak Road level crossing on the Glen Waverley line to be removed

The Level Crossing on Toorak Road on the Glen Waverley line, adjacent to the Monash Freeway interchange, will be removed by construction a 550m long rail bridge in the existing rail corridor.

The Premier and Minister for Transport Infrastructure were on site this morning to announce major works will commence on the new structure this year with completion expected by 2021.

160,000 passengers use the Glen Waverley railway line per week as well as 37,000 vehicles per day using Toorak Road. The new rail bridge will be located 9m above the existing road level.

Only two level crossings on the Glen Waverley railway line were earmarked for removal with Gardiner Station which included a tram+train crossing having been removed during the first term of the Andrews Government.

Toorak Road is the second and final on the list of 75 level crossings.  Glenferrie Road at Kooyong Station also includes a tram+train crossing and there are two more level crossings not included in the list, Tooronga Road at Tooronga Station and High Street at Glen Iris station.

Toorak Road level crossing on the Glen Waverley line to be removed
Aerial render of the new elevated rail structure at new station at Carrum. Image: LXRA

Meanwhile, major works have kicked off at Carrum station where three level crossings will be removed by elevating railway track through the area while also providing a new Carrum station.

Early works, including moving electrical and water services as well as new signalling on the Frankston line, have been underway for some time and closure of existing car parks at Carrum station will start in March and last for the length of the construction period.

Temporary rail track will be built between the Patterson River and Eel Race Road so trains can continue running through the area while the permanent elevated rail structure and station is under construction.

During this time, Carrum station will be closed and buses will shuttle passenger either northwards to Bonbeach or southwards to Seaford.  

The new elevated rail structure and station is expected to be open in 2020 and a government media release states that 1.2 hectares worth of new community space is included in the Carrum project.

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