The Victorian Government invite the public to share ideas for Federation Square Review

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The Victorian Government invite the public to share ideas for Federation Square Review
The Victorian Government invite the public to share ideas for Federation Square Review

Since opening in 2002, Federation Square has welcomed approximately 10 million visitors each year and is home to several of Melbourne’s cultural institutions including Flinders St Amphitheatre, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia.

In April earlier this year, the Victorian Government announced that they would be exploring ways to future-proof the precinct. The review aims to reconsider accessibility of Federation Square, creation of more public and commercial spaces, inspire public gathering and to deliver better access to the Yarra River, transport links, as well as sports and cultural precincts.

The year-long review process has recently reached Stage 1, which has now opened up the project for discussion with 'community consultation'. The feedback phase will run for two months before ideas are pitched to stakeholders.

To date, some of the requests include the following:

  • Urban organic vertical garden
  • A large and welcoming public library
  • More green spaces
  • Move the carpark
  • Create seating for people to relax near the river
  • More shade
  • Creation of a culture and history museum
  • Ice skating rink
  • Replace paving with lawn
  • Fountain or sculpture
  • Plant more trees
  • Improve the overall connection between zones of the precinct
  • Multi-generational friendly spaces
  • Install drinking fountains
  • Retractable dome roof so the plaza can be used year-round
  • Solar implementation

While many also commented that they would like Federation Square to be left as-is.

“Just let it be. It doesn’t have to be an activity destination. Allow it to keep evolving organically as an integral fabric of our city.”

Others also placed emphasis on cultural, arts, literary and entertainment offerings.

“Make it primarily a meeting place. Events-driven. Rotate new pop up restaurants every season to showcase Melb gastronomy (keeps it fresh).”

“Draw on the local Indigenous culture. Showcase different aspects of Melbourne. Make it a fun and interesting place that isn’t just concrete”

A weekly farmers market on a weekday. Compare it to somewhere like Union Square in New York. Better quality food on offer.”

“A new public library with the capacity to provide visitor services. It will drive visitation, increase activation and support community life”

“A museum of Australian Architecture or an international tramways museum”

“Free water fountains for summer to help reduce waste. More shade. More focus on Australian artists.”

“Make it the cultural hub Melbourne is missing! There is Acmi and Ian Potter already. Build on this for a place for exhibits, concerts, talks”

Share your thoughts on the Federation Square Review in the comments below.

Commentary sourced from Federation Square Review. Lead image credit: Urban Developer.

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Discussion (2 comments)

Jesse becker's picture
Good luck changing anything it's on a registry. Too bad too because integrating the river and maybe a pedestrian / bike lane bridge to link Birrarung Marr with Alexander parade would be amazing but alas Andrews Government are dummies. Case in point the suburban rail loop.... common!
David Nelson 's picture
Cover the railway lines to the east of Federation Square then double the size of NGV Australia building to offer a greater showcase of a much richer range of historical and contemporary art and craft from across Australia that is in the NGV storage, then add a sculpture terrace in front or to the side with cafes and restaurants around it overlooking the Yarra as a money spinner. Finally add workshops and selling spaces in an arcaded building (part of Melbourne's shopping arcade heritage) for contemporary Australian art and craft for visitors to see how it is made and to interact and hopefully buy what they see. Also add lots of trees, greenery shading and fountains to make it a pleasant new place to be. People will flock to it. With the existing Federation Square if it works well now, why tamper with it?
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