The best and worst contestants on The Block of all time

The best and worst contestants on The Block of all time
The best and worst contestants on The Block of all time

With this year's television program The Block ending, here is a list compiled of the most successful and unsuccessful scores on The Block since the show started.

The highest scorers from this year's judging were Kingi and Carlo, but how did they fare against previous years?

35. Polly and Waz - Cameron Street, Richmond.

34. Mike and Andrew - Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

33. Amie and Katrina - Cameron Street, Richmond

32. Dan and Dani - Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

31. Tim and Anatasia - Triple Threat - Lowest room score in history (eight out of 30 for their study and staircase)

30. Rod and Tania - Cameron Street, Richmond

29. Dan and Dani - All Stars

28. Brad and Lara - Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

27. Josh and Jenna - Cameron Street, Richmond

26. Mark and Duncan - All Stars

25. Andrew and Whitney - Blocktagon.

24. Luke and Ebony - Blocktagon.

23. Chris and Jenna - Glasshouse

22. Dale and Sophie - Dorcas Street, South Melbourne

21. Josh and Jenna - All Stars

20. Chantelle and Steve - Fans v Faves

19. Ayden and Jess - Triple Threat

18. Suzi and Vonni - Blocktagon

17. Phil and Amity - All Stars

16. Darren and Diane - Triple Threat

15. Alisa and Lysandra - Fans v Faves

14. Madi and Jarrod - Sky High

13. Dean and Shay - Blocktagon

12. Trixie and Johnno - Sky High

11. Bec and George - Sky High

10. Josh and Charlotte - Triple Threat

9. Karstan and Max - Glasshouse

8. Kyal and Kara - Fans v Faves

7. Brad and Dale - Fans v Faves

6. Alisa and Lysandra - Sky High

5. Matt and Kim - Sky High

4. Shannon and Simon - Glasshouse

3. Darren and Deanna - Glasshouse

2. Kingi and Carlo - Blocktagon

1. Michael and Carlene - Glasshouse

With four properties in the top 10, the Glasshouse had the strongest average whereas the weakest judging scores came at Cameron Street, Richmond. 

We will no doubt get a bunch of newbie contestants next year, for Fairfax Media to further dwell on, though there's no indication yet that another site has been selected for another series.

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