Sustainable future: Melbourne mall now features over 4000 solar panels

Sustainable future: Melbourne mall now features over 4000 solar panels
Olivia RoundMay 21, 2019

In a bid to create the city’s greenest retail precinct, Sunshine Plaza in Melbourne’s west is now powered by nearly 50% renewable energy, making it the largest solar roof installation in Victoria.

The recently completed installation contains 4,175 roof solar panels, which produce enough energy to meet 45% of the Plaza’s daily requirements. The new fit-out also has the capacity to produce up to 1.04 megawatts of energy, and 1,414,930 kWh annually, which is enough energy to power 245 homes.



By using renewable energy, the cost savings for tenants are substantial and it also provides extra protection against spikes in energy prices.

From an environmental perspective, the initiative reduces over 1,414.9 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions annually – equivalent to removing around 815 cars from the road.

Sunshine residents can expect to welcome more sustainable developments in future, as part of a broader vision to green the area, creating the ultimate health and wellbeing precinct.

Many other commercial property developers are also looking into retrofitting their developments with roof solar panels, including Lendlease, GPT Group and Stockland Development to attain higher sustainability credentials.

Olivia Round

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