State Government reneges on new Residential Zone in Bayside

State Government reneges on new Residential Zone in Bayside
State Government reneges on new Residential Zone in Bayside

In June the Minister for Planning approved approximately 82 per cent of Bayside’s residential land for inclusion within the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (the most restrictive zone).

In doing so the Minister requested that Council apply the Residential Growth Zone, which allows development up to 4 storeys to 3 per cent of its residential land.

Reluctantly Council proposed draft Amendment C125 allocating 3 per cent of residential land around Cheltenham, Highett and Hampton East for the Residential Growth Zone.

As part of C125, the Minister appointed an independent Standing Advisory Committee to hear submissions from interested parties in relation to application of the Growth Zone. The report of the committee is due on the 27th November 2014

State Government reneges on new Residential Zone in Bayside
A fairly common site in bayside suburbs at the moment

Under pressure from residents within the proposed Growth Zone areas, the Minister visited the area on the 10th November.

Subsequent to the inspection, the local member for Sandringham released a press statement outlining that the Government would no longer require the Council to allocate a minimum area of land to the Residential Growth Zone and would support any Council proposed changes to the Growth Zone amendment.

As a result of these political statements, Bayside City Council was set to consider a motion to abandon the application of the Residential Growth Zone in Bayside and write to all relevant local candidates seeking their support on the 17th of November.

The recommendation also again seeks approval from the Minister for further restrictions within the schedule to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone, despite these variations being earlier rejected by the Minister for Planning and being inconsistent with the expert findings of Residential Standing Zones Advisory Committee.

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