Stage 1 of Transforming Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street commencing this month

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Stage 1 of Transforming Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street commencing this month
Stage 1 of Transforming Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street commencing this month

Construction of the first stage of the Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street transformation project will begin this month. The project which will be undertaken in stages will create 2.5 hectares of new public open space on Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street, with the first stage expected to take 18-months to complete.

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct, City of Melbourne's aspirations for Southbank Boulevard are to transform it into one of Australia’s most pedestrian-friendly places. The Concept Plan was drafted to recognise the history of the site and is based on extensive community and stakeholder engagement.

The transformation project will provide Southbank, which is Melbourne’s most densely populated suburb with critical public open space.

Beginning on 16 July, 2018, Southbank Boulevard will be closed to all traffic between St Kilda Road and Sturt Street. Trams will continue to operate and the precinct will remain open to pedestrians.

As a part of stage 1 works 39 trees will require removal however, over 65 new trees will be planted, along with approximately 300 new trees across the entire project.

The Concept Plan, which was adopted by the  Council in 2017, outlines a new vision for Southbank that will:

  • Create 2.5 hectares of new public open space;
  • Prioritise pedestrians, public transport and cyclists;
  • Deliver a new, accessible tram stop on Sturt Street;
  • Enhance the gateway into the Arts Precinct;
  • Create a living link, connecting the Domain Parklands to the Yarra River;
  • Create a ‘Melbourne Experience’ for Southbank;
  • Build a new civic square for the precinct;
  • Deliver a series of new neighbourhood parks for the community.

Additionally, the project will weave together other projects mooted for Southbank including the upgrade of City Road, Sturt Street Civic Spine as part of the Arts Precinct Master Plan, Australia108, the Queensbridge Square upgrade as part of Crown & Schiavello's One Queensbridge development, and Beulah International's $2bn 58 Southbank Boulevard.

Stage 1 of Transforming Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street commencing this month
Southbank Boulevard Project Staging Plan. Image: City of Melbourne

Upcoming works include:

  • Early works construction from July involving the removal of 39 trees to enable construction of the new carriageway, tram line, and tram stop.
  • Main tram construction period from 22 to 30 September 2018 this requires the demolition of existing tram infrastructure, construction and recommissioning of new tram line and tram stop on Sturt Street.
  • Civil construction works from October 2018 to August 2019

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