Southlink lodge plans for 77 Queens Road

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Southlink lodge plans for 77 Queens Road

A solid year for development proposals fronting Albert Park Lake continues with the much anticipated 77 Queens Road with City of Port Phillip for assessment. Likewise for site proponent Southlink Developments who add 77 Queens Road to their Sovereign Blackburn and Claremont Manor apartment developments, both of which are currently at sales.

Contrary to varying media reports that suggested an Elenberg Fraser scheme associated with the site's sale during 2013 would proceed to sales, Southlink have instead chosen Fender Katsalidis to create a new tower for their next Melbourne foray.

Southlink lodge plans for 77 Queens Road
Old and new. Images courtesy Elenberg Fraser and Fender Katsalidis

77 Queens Road Summary

  • 2,329 sqm site
  • Currently a low-rise, 1960's apartment block of 36 apartments
  • 15 metre setback to Queens Road at ground level
  • Proposed 13 level complex @ 41.9 metres
  • 160 apartments
  • 178 car parking spaces and 181 bicycle spaces
  • GFA 12, 364.44sqm

An unmistakable imprint

Southlink lodge plans for 77 Queens Road
Images courtesy Fender Katsalidis and Ryan Seychell

The casual observer wouldn't be mistaken for assuming Fender Katsalidis have merely melded two of their successful recent projects together in creating 77 Queens Road. Straight lines and funny angles are alive and well as this application draws upon the best of both 108 Flinders Street and Canberra's NewActon Nishi (above left and right).

Perhaps Fender Katsalidis have stumbled upon a winning formula of confluence which yields both commercial and aesthetic returns? Regardless external finished will see blue/grey vision and spandrel glazing, clear balustrades, coloured precast panels in addition to dark window frames and louvres.

Internal arrangement

The majority of apartments are arranged in a herringbone pattern where possible to take in an Albert Park Lake and Bay aspects, with the remainder toward Queens Lane presented in a more conventional format. Single bedroom apartments will be centralised along the Queens Lane frontage while dual bedroom apartments run through the mid levels, with all three bedroom abodes holding frontage to Albert Park Lake along the buildings western flank.

Apartment breakdown will see the following numbers: 20 one-bedroom, 24 one-bedroom + study, 76 two-bedroom, 26 one-bedroom + study, 14 three-bedroom.

Ground plane

Southlink lodge plans for 77 Queens Road
Ground level. Image courtesy Fender Katsalidis

As with many buildings fronting Queens Road, generous setbacks are the norm which allow for an expansive usable space if so desired. A porte-cochere layout addressing Queens Road is included, similar to many developments nearby, including the neighbouring Monarc apartment project.

A central passage will bisect 77 Queens Road at ground with a host of communal facilities holding sway, whilst services are clustered to the most innocuous quadrant. Oculus have devised the landscape solution which will feature outdoor terraces, bluestone paving, outdoor dining/seating and green privacy screens over ground and the level 9 setback.

Project team

  • Developer: Southlink
  • Architect: Frender Katsalidis
  • Planning: URBIS
  • Project Management: PDS Group
  • Services: WSP Group
  • Structural Engineer: Robert Bird Group
  • Traffic: Traffix Group
  • Building Surveyor: BSGM Consulting Building Surveyors
  • Waste: Leigh Design
  • Landscape: Oculus
  • ESD: Ark Resources

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