Southbank to welcome new community village and affordable housing

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Southbank to welcome new community village and affordable housing
Southbank to welcome new community village and affordable housing

After the course of a competitive tender, the City of Melbourne has recently accepted PDG Corporation’s offer for the land sale and redevelopment of a prominent Southbank site. PDG Corporation’s proposal aims to deliver a vibrant new community village, transforming 132 Kavanagh Street into a 110-metre mixed-use precinct.

Southbank to welcome new community village and affordable housing
Total Boyd site concept plan

City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp said the agreement was a great win for the community and will be the final stage in the redesign of the J H Boyd Girl’s School site.

“We’ve negotiated a fantastic outcome to deliver community facilities and affordable housing at the Boyd site, putting the needs of a growing Southbank community at its heart… Offering more affordable housing is one of the most important priorities for our city. This development will include 40 affordable housing units and will achieve a 6-star Green Star certification.”

City of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp

The revitalised precinct will include 40 affordable housing units, retail and community facilities, a boutique hotel as well as 1,000 square metres of public space across two levels which will be owned and operated by the City of Melbourne.

Southbank to welcome new community village and affordable housing
Boyd development 132 Kavanagh Street Southbank, Artist Impression

“The development will feature a vibrant streetscape that links together key public spaces, including the new Boyd neighbourhood park. The park will be completed in the coming months and will create a new backyard for the thousands of residents living in apartments in Southbank.”

The City of Melbourne recently partnered with PDG Corporation to embark on Munro – a $450 million mixed-use development opposite Queen Victoria Market.

PDG Corporation Managing Director Vince Giuliano said the company’s latest project was similar to the Munro development in the sense that it reflects local character and will bring together “various community spheres in one location”.

“Our vision is a true vertical village on the park – high-quality residences, affordable housing, fine-grain retail and community facilities… It’s not often you get an opportunity to develop in a location like this. There are no adjoining high-rise buildings and an abundance of green open space, making it prime for a community atmosphere of residential and commercial spaces.”

Vince Giuliano, PDG Corporation Managing Director

The new development is currently subject to planning approval but is expected to begin construction late next year with a goal to be completed by late 2022.

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