Small Giants find their Citiniche

Small Giants find their Citiniche
Small Giants find their Citiniche foundation partner Citiniche has announced in conjunction with dynamic property developer Small Giants and architecture firm Jackson Clement Burrows the launch of an Urban Green pilot project in Collingwood.  Working by the moniker Peel & Oxford, the new development is to date named after the corresponding intersection upon which it will be realised, deep within Collingwood's heritage precinct characterised by the Foy & Gibson buildings.

The Urban Green notion encapsulates "The interests of people with a passion for the environment in spite of their central location.  Members may have a strong desire to live a sustainable, low-impact lifestyle.  Suggested models may include community-focused developments, extra sustainability features or initiatives like car sharing, urban agriculture, bicycle storage and sustainable construction."  This meritorious stance will be borne out via the impending development of 51 one, two and three bedroom apartment within the building which will feature

  • A superb inner city, corner location opposite a park
  • Natural ventilation to all apartments through a central Ravine.
  • Targeted seven star energy rating..
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) material selections for healthy interiors.
  • Solar hot water systems, photo voltaics, energy efficient appliances and ceiling fans.
  • Water efficiency through rain water collection and efficient plumbing fixtures.
  • Enhanced thermal and acoustic performance by use of double glazing.
  • Western Solar protection by way of attractive, openable timber shutters.
  • The use of natural materials, textures and landscape elements.
  • A landscaped communal deck on the fourth floor.

Small Giants find their Citiniche

The Citiniche platform and development model encourages like-minded people to register, join a niche, post their ideas, discuss likes, dislikes and requirements.  Niche members have evolving input on requirements such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms right through to sustainability and energy efficiency features and the type of building (like a new build or conversation) the members wish to live in.  

Ivan Rijavec, Managing Director of Citiniche said "For the first time, people who have joined the Urban Green niche on our website, will be able to talk to the developer at the launch later this month and have greater input into the internal design of the apartment they are interested in".  

The ideas and requirements are incubated on the niche's website and when a significant number of members have come to more or less a consensus on the type of community they want to create, Citiniche go to their partner developers and architects and ask them to come up with a solution for the those members.  Registration for Citiniche's introductory event regarding Peel & Oxford can be found here.

Small Giants find their Citiniche

For those who think the name Small Giants may ring a bell, you'd be correct as has tracked their current residential project, The Commons, from inception.  Delivered by boutique builder Kubic Construction and nearing completion, the complex has been billed as one of Australia's most sustainable apartment buildings. recently toured the building, images of which can be seen in the slideshow below.


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