SGX question Australia 108's developer about structural integrity

SGX question Australia 108's developer about structural integrity
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

The international property developer of skyscraper Australia 108 has been questioned by the Singaporean stock exchange about the tower’s structural soundness.

It follows the decision to let some residents live in the unfinished building.

Some of the questions were prompted by an article in The Age on July 27 in which residents complained about cracking noises and defects.

Developer World Class Global and builder Multiplex maintain there is no risk to the safety of occupants nor the structural integrity of the building.

Residents started moving into lower levels of the Southbank block last year and the reported complaints were brought to light as construction of the upper floors continued.

The group said they had looked into concerns raised in The Age article and sought clarification from builder Multiplex.

“The company had received assurance from the main contractor [Multiplex] that there is categorically no risk to the safety of any occupant nor the structural integrity of Australia 108,” World Class Global said.

“The main contractor and the structural engineers have provided their reports and confirmations that the structure of Australia 108 is structurally sound and comply with Australian regulations. [sic]”

World Class Global released Multiplex’s statement assuring residents of their safety.

“Some residents have reported noise during extreme winds, which is not an uncommon occurrence in high-rise buildings,” Multiplex said in its July statement.

“This will be mitigated once the tower reaches its full height later this year and damper tanks are installed to the top of the building.

“Less than one defect has been reported per apartment in Australia 108, which is well below the industry average. There have been no defects reported that are structural in nature.”

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