RACV's biennial On Track survey opens

RACV's biennial On Track survey opens
RACV's biennial On Track survey opens

The RACV's On Track survey which asks respondents to detail their experience with the Melbourne train network is now open and will close on December 2nd.

The 2015 survey had more than 17,800 responses with train users - whether frequent or infrequent users - quizzed on their experiences at train stations.

Questions pertaining to how train users arrive at the station - by walking, by another mode of public transport, by bike or by car - are asked and survey respondents are asked to rate the quality of the experience they have.

Through our biennial On Track survey, RACV wants to hear what you like and don't like about your train journeys, be it your daily commute on Melbourne's rail network or trips on regional V/Line services.  And if you don't catch a train at all, we want to know why.

RACV's Dave Jones says that be pin-pointing the issues that are of highest concern for train users, the On Track survey will support advocay for further improvements to the state's rail network.

The State Government has committed $1.4 billion for station upgrades over the next five years, and this is your chance to say what is needed at the stations you use, or would like to use.

RACV's biennial On Track survey opens
The RACV On Track survey closes on December 2nd.

The RACV points to the 2015 survey and the responses received on the facilities at Gardiner, which has since been completely rebuilt as part of the grade separation project at Burke Road at Gardiner Station.  "Users identified shelter, station access and toilets as issues at Gardiner Station.  It has since been replaced with a new station and it has shelter for most of the length of the platforms and access from each end of the platform".

To take part in the survey, see RACV's website here.  The survey will close on December 2nd and the results released in February 2018.

Alastair Taylor

Alastair Taylor

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