Many Queensland rental properties test positive for meth/ice

Many Queensland rental properties test positive for meth/ice
Many Queensland rental properties test positive for meth/ice

Damning new research has discovered how prevalent ice and methamphetamine residue is in Queensland rental homes.

In the past seven months, Meth Screen has conducted more than 400 tests, with 35% of Queensland properties testing positive for the illicit drug.

The frightening results found 36% of properties on the Gold Coast contain ice and methamphetamine residue.

In contrast 26% of properties in Brisbane recorded a positive reading.

Some six of the 14 properties (43%) tested on the Sunshine Coast discovered disturbing levels of ice and methamphetamine residue.

One Redland’s rental property recently tested positive for ice, with the methamphetamine readings three times above the Australian guideline levels.

“We’re hopeful landlord insurance will pay for the house to be decontaminated, but at the moment the house is unrentable and we’re losing thousands of dollars in potential rent,” the landlord said.

“Fortunately, we had the property tested for ice when our previous tenants broke their lease.

“I’d hate to think of the repercussions if I had leased the property to a family with young children, without getting the property tested. I’d be putting their health and welfare at risk.”

Crystal methamphetamine is costing Australia an estimated $4.4 billion a year, with Smoke Alarm Solutions launching its partnership with Meth Screen, so property owners and managers can undertake screening for ice and methamphetamine residue.

The partnership will see Smoke Alarm Solutions screen properties for residual meth contaminants, absorbed by floorings, walls, ducting and any furnishings or fixtures and determine if a previous tenant or occupant used or manufactured ice.

Smoke Alarm Solutions CEO Cameron Davis said landlords and real estate agents who value their tenants will adopt meth screening.

There are many short-term health effects associated with exposure to meth residue, including headaches, nausea, burning skin, dizziness, breathing difficulty, sleeplessness and behavioural issues.

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