Q&A with Immobilier du Monde’s Annie Xu and DKO Architects’ Koos de Keijzer

Q&A with Immobilier du Monde’s Annie Xu and DKO Architects’ Koos de Keijzer
Q&A with Immobilier du Monde’s Annie Xu and DKO Architects’ Koos de Keijzer

Recently we caught up with Annie Xu, Founder of Immobilier Du Monde, and Koos de Keijzer, Principal at DKO Architects, to learn more about Le Manoir, including its Parisian influence and inspiration behind the design.

Urban: Your company, Immobilier du Monde, is a French phrase which translates to 'Real Estate of the World' in English. What is the meaning behind this phrase? 

We aim to deliver each of our developments to meet international residential levels. 

U: The talented team at DKO Architecture have designed the boutique collection of residences – what were the key reasons which inspired you to collaborate with DKO on this project? 

DKO are an award winning Architectural and Interior Practice that specialise in the art of living. They design their buildings from inside out and from outside in. As a studio they are also passionate about a sense of place, Le Manoir is an Armadale building designed specially for High Street.

U: I'm aware you have a passion for traditional Parisian architecture. What aspects of this style do you hope to carry through to the Le Manoir Residences, and your future projects?

I have a passion for traditional Parisian Architecture, but not just Parisian Architecture, I’m really interested in Parisian design and couture. Paris is the home of so many design houses and it shows that the French embrace design in its totality. I spoke to my DKO Architecture Principal and founder Koos de Keijzer about Coco Chanel, particularly the iconic black, white and gold colour scheme. The shape of the building and its overall design was inspired by French and Swiss design. I love Coco as she popularised sporty, casual and chic as the feminine standard of style.

U: What are the most notable features of French architecture, that you believe Australian developers and architects can draw inspiration from?

The French design aesthetic is a considered one, from fashion through ornamentation, furniture through to design and architecture. It is comfortable, ages well and in many ways is forever young.

U: Which international developments are you most inspired by?

John Pawson is one of my favourite architects, his classic modernism is so comfortable and his interiors are sublime to be in. He recently did the interiors for Ian Schrager’s Edition Hotel in West Hollywood.

U: What do you believe are the key features Immobilier du Monde will bring to the Melbourne property market?

A curated individualised living environment that is unique. Le Manoir has 14 apartments, each one is unique and bespoke.

U: What are the top 5 considerations all developers need to take into account when designing any new luxury development?

  • Choosing  the right design team
  • Understanding the market and embracing the future.
  • Being passionate about sustainability
  • Giving back to Community
  • Using quality and authenticity as a guiding light

U: Based on your experience in interior design, how much influence did you have over the look and feel of the Le Manoir residences? 

I worked with DKO closely and touched every aspect of the process. My interest in fashion and history guided the process.

U: What's something interested buyers might not know about Le Manoir that you can share with our audience?

Le Manoir has traditional classic French proportions that will remain timeless. The project taps into a growing trend of affluent Australians looking to downsize without compromising comfort, size and lifestyle. It is set out to create a new level of quality and luxury for discerning Melbourne and international buyers, with a focus on airy, spacious interiors bathed in natural light finished with the finest materials. Selected Swiss perfection for your home V-Zug kitchen appliances system, it is also the partner of Global Armani Hotels. Le Manoir residences development is in association with the Swiss chamber of commerce of Australia.

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