Prahran's running man development receives an refined design touch

Prahran's running man development receives an refined design touch
Prahran's running man development receives an refined design touch

Private healthcare provider Healthscope is hoping the latest bid to redevelop The Victoria Clinic on Malvern Road will have a smoother passage through planning over previous attempts.

310-324 Malvern Road first came to light during 2014 when it was the subject of an expansive mixed-use development conceived by Rothelowman. Included within the proposal at the time was a hospital, enhanced medical hub and two residential buildings combining to provide 154 apartments.

Victoria House Nominees Pty Ltd headed the bid during 2014, although Healthscope Operations have assumed responsibility for the latest application. A member of Healthscope, The Victoria Clinic is one of 40 plus locations the healthcare provider maintains in its portfolio.

Prahran's running man development receives an refined design touch
DPW's take on a new Malvern Road expression

Rothelowman's initial attempt at taking the site through planning was defined by a quartet of buildings onsite; each of which maintained undulating lines.

The design for the new Medical Centre loosely draws inspiration from concepts of 'motion' and 'body imaging'. Vertical blades, which also act as functional sun shading devices, shift across the facade, sculpting the upper levels.

The Medical Centre and Apartments buildings explore notions of rhythm, density, reflectivity and flow to create an architecture that is distilled and clear.

Stonnington City Council rebuffed the initial application, although a secondary application which consisted of new facades and a 27% reduction in dwellings gained approval. Healthscope will now pursue the delivery of a purely medically-driven development for the 5,946 square metre site.

Global design agency DWP is behind the latest iteration, providing a restrained design outcome which adheres to the approved development envelope, and goes further by removing the central building completely.

Prahran's running man development receives an refined design touch
The Rothelowman and dwp block forms side by side

The $31.3 million DWP design is expected to boost hospitals beds onsite from the current 52 to 110, and cater for 16 medical practitioners at any one time onsite. A new car parking facility fronting Bendigo Street holds capacity for 95 vehicles.

Healthscope has chosen to retain and refurbish the existing single storey building at the centre of the site. The residential aspect of the previous applications was to be sited where the existing building stands.

The northern buildings would stand five levels and include a roof-top courtyard and gym for patients. Directly opposite the Prahran Estate Redevelopment which was completed by Kane Constructions during 2012 stands at ten storeys and acts as a height precedent for the Malvern Road strip.

Mark Baljak

Mark Baljak

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