Podcast - Episode 50: Neue Media's Catherine Sietkiewicz

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Podcast - Episode 50: Neue Media's Catherine Sietkiewicz
Podcast - Episode 50: Neue Media's Catherine Sietkiewicz

This week Urban.com.au reaches a significant milestone with our podcast cracking a half century. My guest today is Catherine Sietkiewicz, Senior Content Manager at Neue Media. In a wide ranging chat Catherine and I discuss:

  • Catherine's role at Neue Media and her history with the company having started there from day 1
  • What Neue Media does and what a typical day looks like in the Neue Media office
  • Moving to Melbourne from Auckland
  • The change from freelancing to full time work.
  • Catherine's flexible working arrangements and Neue Media's support of flexible working
  • Catherine's perceptions/observations of the property and development industry
  • How her view and experience of Melbourne has changed as a result of working within the industry.
  • Her favourite neighbourhoods and features of Melbourne including her love of the Yarra River.

Look out for next week's podcast with Andrei Dolnikvo, CEO and Founder of Binyan Studios.

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