Podcast - Episode 49: Lucent's Sophie Whittakers

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Podcast - Episode 49: Lucent's Sophie Whittakers
Podcast - Episode 49: Lucent's Sophie Whittakers

This week I sit down with Lucent Development Manager Sophie Whittakers. This follows on from Urban.com.au being invited on a site tour of Lt. Miller & Nightingale last month, which Sophie was kind enough to facilitate. 

Sophie and I chat about a range of topics including:

  • How Sophie and her team went in the Oxfam 100km Trek
  • Sophie's professional background from studying interior design to working abroad at an architecture firm to studying construction management and;
  • Sophie also provides a bit of background on how she found herself working at Lucent and its history
  • Has planning become a bit of a box ticking exercise in Victoria
  • Are planning outcomes clearly communicated in the planning scheme
  • We touch on Lucent's next project - The Stewart Collective and;
  • I also ask Sophie which projects (if any) she admires or would have liked to have worked on.

Listen below for the full interview.

"Density is an important thing, because we can't keep continuing to have cities sprawling out the way they do..."

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