Photographic Tour of Chinatown

Photographic Tour of Chinatown
Photographic Tour of Chinatown

Considered one of the longest continuous Chinese settlements anywhere in the western world, Melbourne's Chinatown has a lot to offer those who meander through. Quoting "It was the discovery of gold in 1851 which attracted Chinese immigration to Victoria on a large scale. Ships sailed to Australia from Hong Kong with their cargo of men who had come in search of the “New Gold Mountain”. The small but burgeoning Chinese community in Little Bourke Street provided for all the needs of the diggers – lodgings en route to the goldfields, food, equipment and medicine."

Running east-west along Little Bourke between Exhibition Street and Swanston Street, the area spawns a number of laneways, in and of themselves well worth viewing; eateries, street art, the Chinese Museum, hidden bars and much more. 

Here's a collection of photos I took during my recent visit to the precinct.
Melbourne's Lanes Chinatown

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