PACE push further into Melbourne's suburban apartment belt

PACE push further into Melbourne's suburban apartment belt
PACE push further into Melbourne's suburban apartment belt

Pace Development Group have pushed further into the suburban apartment market. Adding to their already impressive list of residential apartment projects is news that the firm will be involved in two new developments.

Whilst the wraps are due to come off a significant project in Melbourne's South East in which PACE will be a development partner, there's no mistaking their newest development at 554-558 High Street Road, Mount Waverley.

PACE as developer is seeking approval for 90 dwellings across the Mount Waverley site, replacing two low-rise brick commercial buildings which themselves form part of the Syndal Activity Centre along Blackburn Road. Staggered to a height of 8 levels, 554-558 High Street Road has been designed by Cera Stribley Architects.

Two basement levels and three ground floor tenancies form the balance of the development, with one space earmarked as a medical centre. Above, a mixture of one, two and three bedroom apartments are expected, ranging between 50sqm and 129sqm respectively.

PACE push further into Melbourne's suburban apartment belt
High Street Road perspective. Planning mage: Cera Stribley

The proposal is broken up into three distinct blocks - The Podium that addresses High Street Road and the rear carpark and recreational reserve, The Sandwich, which creates an immediate layer and The Crown, that floats above.

The primary design element is the grid. A simple yet powerful architectural expression that provides a balanced and subtle design response. This well refined expression ensures the building co-exists within its surroundings without trying to be overly striking, attention seeking or iconic.

Design Statement: Cera Stribley Architects

The site in question covers 2,619sqm and has a 61.5 metre frontage to High Street Road. According to plans advertised with City of Monash, the project's complexion will be a mixture of glazing and metal cladding. Bronze, pale grey charcoal and white elements will define the building's look.

Cera Stribley Architects are also the design force behind another PACE development under construction, namely Pace of Northcote.

PACE push further into Melbourne's suburban apartment belt
Making way for Pace of Doncaster East

Pace Development Group's stable of current projects has expanded into virgin suburbs in recent times.

Mount Waverley joins Collingwood, Abbotsford, Doncaster East, Brunswick and Northcote as suburbs in which PACE has a current development interest. All six current projects also represent PACE's first foray into the respective suburbs, and a marked departure from the inner South East where PACE effectively served its development and construction apprenticeship.

With the recent commencement of works at Pace of Doncaster East, this brings to four the number of PACE projects under construction. The remaining projects at construction include Pace of Collingwood, Pace of Northcote and 808 Sydney Road.

PACE push further into Melbourne's suburban apartment belt
Looming large over Sydney Road

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Mark Baljak

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