Opinion - The best time in the near future to buy Property

Opinion - The best time in the near future to buy Property
Opinion - The best time in the near future to buy Property

People could not see and believe what we are about to face. A massive downturn of Real Estate valuation will be the biggest shock to everyone. It is going to break the long-lasting uptrend property market in a century. 

Currently there is one million vacant properties and 250,000 new units currently being built

The rich are waiting to buy a property and holding their cash from 2020 to 2022 for the 50% discount of all ranges from residential, commercial, industrial, farming, and land banking. 

Residential Real Estate 30% discount in September 2020 – November 2020 Apartment Real Estate 50% discount in November 2020 – January 2021 Commercial Real Estate 28% discount in April 2021 – June 2021 

We will reach 20% of Unemployment / High Debt with Banks / Farming Failing / Shortage of Foods. This is going to impact everywhere globally, especially real estate downturn. 

Our baby boomers are ageing for the next 10 years, and we will need to attract most of South East Asia nationalities such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, and Thailand to support our operation of economic internally and externally. 

We do need to bring the property back to the right valuation and that is going to hurt people that owned a lot of assets. 

I understand that we are all in this crisis together and we do not like to hear the property market bubble crash, and the truth does hurt, we will get angry as it is going down, we are in a recession right now, socially violent and will go into depression. 

Most important that you can do right now is to keep your job and keep your business, you need to keep your income coming, and if you can make a side job or side business, please do it. 

However, in the last two weeks, we are seeing more buyer enquiries coming through and with Government easing restrictions, possible scrapping of stamp duty, and low-interest rates, we encourage some light outside the tunnel before the end of the stimulus package ended on 27th September 2020. 

This is the right time that we need to help the communities, develop yourself in education, and meet new friends and associates to keep ourselves mentally active and physically focused. 

Good times will return between 2022 and 2023 onwards.

Chanthida Bou

Chanthida Bou

Chanti Bou is the Managing Director at Bou & Associates. With many years of experience is passionate about property in residential, land subdivision, industrial, mixed use apartment, commercial property and project management of new developments.

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