Open House Melbourne building list announced

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Open House Melbourne building list announced

Open House Melbourne is upon us once again with the organisers of the July 26th and 27th event announcing the building list recently. Among the list of buildings are some familiar favourites as well as buildings throwing open their doors for the first time and also brand new recently completed and occupied buildings.

Among the new buildings this year are Government House. Open only the the Saturday, there will be guided tours of the State Apartments between the reduced hours of 10am and 3pm. On the other side of St. Kilda Road, Victoria Barracks will be open on both Saturday and Sunday, however the guided tours will be limited to 30 people at 10am and 1pm only.

Open House Melbourne building list announced
Government House, source: flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Happily, one of the buildings which at the time we asked "Is this Melbourne's best new development?" is also flinging its doors open. The Commons in Brunswick will have guided tours of 15 people every 15 minutes where, according to the OHM profile, visitors will be exposed to many of the building's elements.

The Coops shot tower and museum will be open for self-guided tours on both Saturday and Sunday and 41 Exhibition Street, housing the Australian Institute of Architects, will be open as well. 41 Exhibition Street will have guided 15 person tours, two in the morning and two in the afternoon each day taking in the rooftop, levels 21 and 1 through 5 as well as the Architext Bookshop. 41 Exhibition Street was one tower we had a very close eye on during construction.

Open House Melbourne building list announced
41 Exhibiton Street, image credit: Mark Baljak.

Among the other new buildings this year are the Collingwood Masonic Centre, the Australian Catholic University and Circus Oz HQ.

NAB's new 700 Bourke Street building is also open allowing visitors to mill around the concourse level and guided tours (which require photo ID) will lead visitors through NAB's new activity-based workplaces as well as visit the rooftop garden.

Open House Melbourne building list announced
NAB 700 Bourke Street, image © Woods Bagot.

The recently redeveloped Argus Building will be open to tours, however it will be by ballot only (opening on July 1).  Interestingly this year Port of Melbourne will have boat tours with guided commentary by Port of Melbourne staff as the boats pass through the Coode Canal, Victoria, Appleton and Swanson Docks.

Do you have any recommendations?  Post it in the comments section below.

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