One Flintoff adds to Melbourne's council-driven projects

One Flintoff adds to Melbourne's council-driven projects
Mark BaljakJune 15, 2016

Local councils have contributed some intriguing projects to Melbourne's suburban streetscape in recent years, and another is taking shape in Greensborough with Banyule City Council overseeing a project dubbed One Flintoff.

The Peddle Thorp-designed addition is set above the existing WaterMarc aquatic centre, and will see the creation of new Council staff accommodation and community facilities. ADCO Constructions is acting as head contractor, beginning works during October 2015 with an eye toward completing the facility before an early 2017 opening.

Four levels will be added with the project at a cost of $31 million. According to Banyule City Council's website $23m is dedicated toward new staff accommodation and community facilities whilst $8 million of the project's cost is set toward 2,200sqm of commercial office space on top of WaterMarc, which will be leased for long term returns to Council.

One Flintoff adds to Melbourne's council-driven projects
Artist's impression of One Flintoff. Image: Peddle Thorp

When complete, the office project will support BCC’s vision for an engaged, sustainable, healthy, connected and effective workplace that attracts, retains and develops the best talent. The design response will be a leading example of how office workplace design can contribute to success.

A predominantly open plan office supports varying work modes, meeting/social spaces and empowers staff to work flexibly, in a suitable setting for their needs.

Peddle Thorp Architects

The environmentally sustainable building will consolidate 320 Council staff together from three separate office locations in Ivanhoe, Rosanna and Greensborough, resulting in an estimated $1 million in annual ongoing savings in net operating costs and improved productivity by collocating staff.

Over the construction life of the project, 335 jobs with 244 in Banyule are set to be created.

One Flintoff forms phase two of Banyule City Council's Greensborough Project which had its origins in the Greensborough Principal Activity Centre Plan which was created during 2006. WaterMarc, a new town square and the associated Greensborough Walk have all been delivered thus far with One Flintoff the final stage.

One Flintoff adds to Melbourne's council-driven projects
Construction progress

Melbourne's municipal council's penchant for creating mixed-use community inclusive projects is on the rise, as witnessed by other projects currently at construction around greater Melbourne.

Brimbank City Council is not far from gaining control of their new Community and Civic Centre with the building set to come online next month. At $52 million the new facility delivered by Kane Constructions will include a new Sunshine Library, new Sunshine Customer Service Centre, a range of community meeting spaces and exhibition spaces in addition to Council offices. last month also highlighted the progress of City of Casey's Bunjil Place which is an under construction $125 million mixed-use facility of Casey and the wider public.

One Flintoff adds to Melbourne's council-driven projects
Brimbank's new Community and Civic Centre is nearing completion

Mark Baljak

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