Office use injected into Fitzroy North's Nicholson Street

Office use injected into Fitzroy North's Nicholson Street
Office use injected into Fitzroy North's Nicholson Street

A sizeable slab of office space may be on its way to Fitzroy North as a new planning application seeks to replace a reception venue with a multi-level mixed-use building.

Moonlight Receptions at 622-636 Nicholson Street appears to have its days numbered with the development application registered with City of Yarra little more than a week ago. Rather than go down the proven path of apartments, a 10 level commercial building containing a Gross Floor Area of 16,950 square metres has been proposed.

Office use injected into Fitzroy North's Nicholson Street
Hero perspective of the proposal. Image: Artisan Architects

Net Lettable Area within the Artisan Architects-designed project covers 10,605 square metres. The commercial aspect of the proposal is earmarked as standard office space alongside a medical centre and associated suites.

Artisan Architects note LKG as the applicant behind the proposal, which also features a ground floor supermarket and rooftop terrace.

Three levels of underground parking will service the proposal, with its overall development value pinned at $25 million.

In its current form, the Moonlight Receptions development would create a new height precedent for the area which maintains a predominantly low-rise and historic character to Nicholson Street. Any height parallels can be drawn with two residential buildings located behind the development site in question, with both those buildings set well back from Nicholson Street.

Roi Apartments and EV Apartments were built over recent years and stand approximately 50-60 metres back from Nicholson Street.

North of Alexandra Parade, Nicholson Street is bereft of any noteworthy commercial developments. Over recent years, whatever suitable development sites have become available have almost exclusively become high-density residential development.

This is particularly the case north of Brunswick Road; last year highlighted nine apartment projects in development along the Nicholson Street strip.

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