"There's big demand for the empty nester": Five minutes with Abadeen's Justin Brown

"There's big demand for the empty nester": Five minutes with Abadeen's Justin Brown
Mike BirdFebruary 7, 2024VIDEO

2023 was a busy year for luxury Sydney North Shore developer Abadeen Group.

They announced they were expanding into Melbourne with the establishment of Abadeen Victoria, led by former CBRE executive Andrew Leoncelli.

They're keeping with the model that has served them so well in Sydney. Their first project, Malea in Malvern East, suits the high end downsizer in an area which underserves this market. There are just seven apartments on offer at Malea, the only new development on Malvern East's Central Park.

With everything going on at Abadeen, we caught up with Abadeen's Founder and Managing Director Justin Brown to talk more about Abadeen's approach to development.

Brown's experience in project marketing armed him with the knowhow to create his own development firm, Abadeen, which he founded in 1999.

He was one of the original founders of both Colliers and CBRE's project marketing divisions, the latter of which he is chairman.

On having the experience in the project marketing space, Brown says it's been their history of advising developers on where they sees the product, where they sees the product, what the purchasers want, and what is the best design.

"We identify where we believe where the market is, and at the moment we believe there is a big demand for the empty nester product, and that needs to be delivered well," Brown says.

Abadeen currently has 10 projects currently under construction, the majority of which are boutique projects on the lower North Shore.

Later this year they'll be hoping to launch their Putney project Pier 20, where they are a joint venture partner with Fabrizio Perilli's PERIFA.

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