New mixed-use precinct set for the Parramatta River

PTI Architecture has designed the facade with the concept of "waves on the river".
The proposed mixed-use development. Source: PTI Architecture
Joel Robinson August 9, 20210 min read

Sydney's second CBD is set for a new modern mixed-use precinct on the foreshore of the Parramatta River.

Plans have been lodged by Hamptons Property Services for 273 apartments across three 14-level towers at 10-12 River Road West. There will also be commercial and retail space on the ground floor.

PTI Architecture has designed the facade with the concept of "waves on the river", with facade materials including glass, powder coated aluminium, pre-finished brick, and formed concrete.

"The use of the various bronze aluminium trim thicknesses on the curved balcony edges produce a gradient effect that is intended to mimic the sunlight reflecting off the ripples on the Parramatta River," PTI Architecture's design statement, signed off by head architect Peter Israel, read.

There's a vertical slot in the balconies which provide a physical and visual break in the mass, giving the facade an appearance of smaller vertical blocks.

The mixed-use development on the banks of the Parramatta River. Source: PTI Architecture

There will be 60 one-bedroom apartments, 184 two-bedroom apartments and 29 three bedders.

The site is subject to a Voluntary Planning Agreement which involves dedication of a portion of the foreshore land to Parramatta City Council. The remaining site area would be 6,289 sqm, with 1,992 sqm of the foreshore dedicated to Council.

Nearly 2000 sqm of the foreshore will be dedicated to Council. Source: PTI Architecture

There's integrated seating with landscaped planter boxes over the basement car parking at the ground floor level to increase soft landscaping areas as an addition to the Public Domain.

TGS Landscape Architects have also designed landscaped planter boxes on the communal roof top spaces of each building to improve amenity for residents.

The 8,281 sqm combined site comprises 10 and 12 River Road West. Number 10 is currently occupied by various single storey shed used for industrial purposes, while number 12 is currently vacant with an existing concrete basement structure as the remnants of a vehicular wrecking yard that previously occupied the site.

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