Level 33 to unveil next Wollongong apartment development, Easterly Wollongong

Level 33 have two projects on Crown Street they'll be expecting to launch this year
Level 33 to unveil next Wollongong apartment development, Easterly Wollongong
Urban EditorialJanuary 18, 2024PROJECT LAUNCH

Prolific Wollongong builder developer Level 33 is close to unveiling its next project.

Level 33, headed by longtime developer Eddy Haddad, will soon launch Easterly Wollongong, one of their most boutique projects they've undertaken in the area.

Easterly Wollongong will comprise just 21 apartments across 14 levels at at 13 Crown Street, just the other side of Harbour Street from WIN Stadium.

The apartments will sit above a two-level podium and two ground floor retail spaces, one fronting Crown Street and the other on Harbour Street.

There will be 10 two-bedroom apartments and 11 three-bedroom units, as the developer mixes up their portfolio.

Level 33 is one of the biggest names in apartment development in the Wollongong district. They're the brains behind the Skye Tower on Railway Parade. Their most recent project was further north toward Sydney in Kogarah, where in 2021 they completed Kogarah Central.

They also have another project on Wollongong's Crown Street, near the train station on the corner of Gladstone Avenue, which they'll also be expecting to launch this year.

The two 19-level apartment towers on an amalgamated 6,514 sqm will have 262 apartments designed by BKA Architecture, located above a five-level podium with 1,200 sqm of retail and office space.

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