Bathla Group unveil grand plans for new apartment development in The Entrance

The $102 million plans are set to transform 15 parcels of land at 9-33 The Entrance Road into a vibrant eight-tower community, which will take place across two stages
Bathla Group unveil grand plans for new apartment development in The Entrance
Alison Warters May 22, 2023PLANNING ALERT

The Entrance, the picturesque tourist town located halfway between Newcastle and Sydney, is set for a rare new apartment development.

Sydney-based Bathla Group has unveiled grand plans for a major residential project on The Entrance Road.

The $102 million plans are set to transform 15 parcels of land at 9-33 The Entrance Road into a vibrant eight-tower community, which will take place across two stages. 

The project, on a sprawling 19,294 sqm site, has been designed by architectural firms Embece and BVN, with the mixed-use proposal encompassing eight buildings, ranging from six to nine storeys. 

Five of the buildings will be dedicated to residential purposes with one specifically designed to accommodate serviced apartments for a proposed hotel.

The plan consists of 308 residential apartments and 45 serviced apartments, offering a mix of 123 one-bedroom units, 155 two-bedroom units and 129 three-bedroom units. There are also a number of four bedroom apartments.

The project also includes 11 food and retail premises on the lower floors.

A central aspect of the proposed development is the creation of a through-site link, aiming to establish a connected ground plane between the Clifford Street Roundabout to the southwest and the Entrance Road frontage to the north.

The through-site link will feature a landscaped design that preserves existing trees and vegetation, incorporating curved buffer planting for a meandering path that defines the site's character. Additionally, outdoor seating areas will be strategically placed, while decomposed granite pathways will be retained between existing trees, further enhancing the natural ambiance.

Bathla Group unveil grand plans for new apartment development in The EntranceRender of the proposed The Entrance Road development. Credit: BVN

The development showcases a robust material palette with BVN taking inspiration from the site's proximity to the water.

"The podium, designed as a ribbon of textured masonry, draws inspiration from the warmth and movement of the silt and sand found at The Entrance," BVN said in their design report.

The buildings situated atop the podium continue the language of the base, with the continuity of masonry columns, expression of concrete slab edges, and textural elements in the screens.

"These upper-level structures adopt a more open and lightweight materiality and colour scheme to distinguish and articulate their presence. Glazed balustrades contribute to an open, inviting built form, while light-weight perforated screens provide privacy, solar protection, and uninterrupted views for the residents."

"Landscaped rooftops serve as a soft and natural overlay to the buildings, creating a harmonious integration with the surroundings."

The design approach for Buildings A, C, and E follows a tectonic style, employing vertical incisions to elongate the forms and curved corners to soften their appearance. These buildings will be predominantly white or shades of white, with battens, grooves, and privacy blades strategically incorporated to introduce texture, contrast, and unique interplay of light across the facades.

Buildings B and F will be located at the entry points to the site, adding an element of contrast and hierarchy to the overall precinct.

While they draw on similar materials as Buildings A, C, and E, they incorporate a greater variety of textures and colours. 

Building D stands out as a unique structure within the complex, as it is the only building dedicated to serviced apartments. It also serves as the primary vehicular access point to the basement parking area.

In response to the changing lifestyle trends resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, most apartments have been designed to accommodate a study nook, providing residents with flexibility and space to work from home.

The orientation of the apartments has been carefully considered to maximise access to the views surrounding the site. Solid spandrels in the podium and perforated screens have been integrated to address privacy concerns while ensuring ample daylight and uninterrupted views for the residents.

By separating the built form into distinct buildings, the design maximises cross ventilation, offering an increased number of corner apartments and two-story units with access to ventilated skylights. 

The landscape design of the development pays homage to the unique character of The Entrance, aiming to create inviting and vibrant spaces for both residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors. The ground floor features retail spill-out areas that offer connections and views across Tuggerah Lake. New street tree planting provides shade to the plaza and building awnings, further enhancing the pedestrian experience.

On level two, residents will have access to communal open spaces that provide opportunities for play, social gatherings, and relaxation amidst lush gardens. There'll also be rooftop communal space provided, with seating options, outdoor dining, yoga and exercise space, and even a communal kitchen garden.

Alison Warters

Alison Warters is a property journalist for Urban, based in Sydney. Alison is especially interested in the evolution of the New Build/Development space, when it comes to design innovation and sustainability.

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