A psychic predicts what is to come for Sydney’s property market

Predictions about what is to come in the real estate market are a hot topic for most property enthusiasts, investors and home buyers.

Whether it’s the economists, buyer’s agents, real estate agents, commentators or mum and dad at the barbecue, everyone likes to give it a guess. We also love to revisit the predictions and see just who got it right, and who got it wrong.

See how the predictions for 2013 held up when we put the experts’ forecasts to the test earlier this year.

However, what if we take it to someone who isn’t a real estate expert, but who does predict for a living – such as a psychic medium?

Sharlene, a psychic from Sydney’s western suburb Minchinbury, has been put to the test by Sydney Real Estate TV and Just Think Real Estate’s Edwin Almeida, for Property Observer.

Almeida asked Sharlene her predictions for 2014's Sydney market, and then narrowed in on what the spirits are telling her about the prestige market.

Here is what happened:

{qtube vid:=RuxCxUsQMRQ&feature=youtu.be}

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She tips property prices to stay stable, before an increase towards the end of the year. She doesn’t see a drop as particularly likely. Her belief is also that the million dollar plus properties may be harder to sell, and this is set to get harder towards the end of the year.

Almeida agreed with Sharlene about the multimillion dollar properties.

What do you think?


{module Do you think that Sharlene's predictions will come to pass?}


We will have the opportunity to speak to Sharlene again. What other property questions would you ask her?

Let us know your expectations for the market: jduke@propertyobserver.com.au

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke

Jennifer Duke was a property writer at Property Observer

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