Not us says Aland, as Mascot Towers crack concerns investigated in 2011

Not us says Aland, as Mascot Towers crack concerns investigated in 2011
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020
The first official recognition of basement cracks at Mascot Towers came in 2011, three years after the apartment block's completion.
There are strata minutes for the building showing that in March 2011 the owners had an extraordinary general meeting to commission engineer MES Consulting to investigate defects.
It was following the discovery of basement cracks and leaks in the carwash bay.

The report into the building at 1-5 Bourke Street was completed by MES Consulting in 2011.

In October 2011 the minutes of an owner's corporation executive committee meeting show more serious defects were discovered including structural movements around the property.

There was also swimming pool leakages.

Consulting plumbers also identified that no hot water pumps had been installed to drive heated water into the upper levels resulting in poor pressure in upper levels, the documents said.

Builder J & B Elias agreed to fix the defects at no cost to the owners, and a "spirit of co-operation of existed between the owner's corporation and the builder".

However, the defects returned after the repairs.

"The committee noted its serious concerns in the builder's commitment and ability to address these issues," documents said.

J & B Elias could not be contacted by The Australian Financial Review ahead of its latest article on the tower that was finally evacuated last Friday night.

Aland Developments, developer of the tower next door, Peak Towers, told The Australian Financial Review they too discovered the existing defects in Mascot Towers ahead of starting their recently completed construction at Peak Towers.

Owners want to seek compensation from the builders and service providers constructing the tower next door, Peak Towers at 27 Church Avenue, alleging the problems were caused by works being done.

Photos from Aland's pre-construction 2017 dilapidation report conducted by an engineering consultancy reportedly show the same cracks that are now seen in the tower's basement.

"The dilapidation report from Australian Consulting Engineers as well as revelations of legal action by the owners corporation of Mascot Towers against several parties including an engineering firm over 'new slip joint defects' as far back as July last year confirm the structural issues with Mascot Towers is completely unrelated to work on Aland's Peak Towers," Aland Developments managing director Andrew Hrsto said.

"We have intentionally limited our commentary about the structural damage to Mascot towers to date to allow the independent technical investigation being undertaken to run its course without interference.

"However, we feel compelled to respond to some of the reckless commentary and speculation in recent days that has sought to pre-empt and in some cases shape the outcome of investigations."

Residents and owner in the damaged Mascot Towers want the NSW Premier to take a larger role.

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