Monument Park NewQuay

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Monument Park NewQuay
Monument Park. © MAB

After a significant delay attributed to the complexity of building sculptures on wharf structures, MAB have finally got the ball rolling on delivering Monument Park: one of the largest and most significant art installations to be undertaken in Docklands. Construction is anticipated to commence on site at NewQuay this month following the production of the 'monuments' off-site.

Located within the wedge shaped public open space known as Conder Plaza situated between the Boyd, Conder and The Quays residential towers at NewQuay, the $2m integrated landscape art project is the result of a collaboration between renowned local artist Callum Morton, architects McBride Charles Ryan and landscape architects Oculus.

It will see the activation of an otherwise windswept concrete plaza into a distinct and unique public open space, that is both visually and physically engaging as a place to dwell or transit.

Monument Park NewQuay
Monument Park looking towards the Boyd. © MAB

The project is envisioned as a concrete carpet in the form of an abstracted Hoddle Grid relief draped over well known Melbourne sculptures and statues which are cracked open to reveal colourful innards, with provision for trees and other greenery also appearing over time. The end goal is to create a modern day ruin of sorts.

The project - while tying a number of the NewQuay towers together at the ground plane - also has an air of familiarity about it with the yellow peril, Burke and Wills and a number of other monuments which have had transient existences. The provision of a number of trees with dense canopies and decent spread should also go some way to providing a wind buffer to Victoria Harbour and shade in summer.

Monument Park NewQuay
Monument Park Site Plan. © MAB

Delivered in partnership between MAB & Places Victoria, Monument Park is due for completion by years end, with ownership transferring to the City of Melbourne in 12 months time who will maintain the park thereafter.

In a wider sense Monument Park represents another step in Docklands evolving urban realm experience, with a host of either recently completed or under construction projects directed toward providing the community with a more pleasant experience.

Monument Park NewQuay
Monument Park looking south-east. © MAB
Monument Park NewQuay
Monument Park looking towards Victoria Harbour. © MAB

Further reading about the project:

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