Monash University Refreshes its Caulfield Master Plan for 2017-2030

Monash University Refreshes its Caulfield Master Plan for 2017-2030
Monash University Refreshes its Caulfield Master Plan for 2017-2030

Following the completion of a recent spate of major capital works projects, Monash University has taken the opportunity to revisit the 2011-2030 Master Plan for its Caulfield Campus. To this end, the University engaged, a team of consultants comprising designers and engineers, in December 2016, to deliver the Caulfield Campus Masterplan Update. 

The need to revisit and refresh the Master Plan arose largely due to the significant changes which have occurred in the precinct since the adoption of the Caulfield Campus Masterplan 2011-2030, requiring the University to reassess its strategies and priorities, allowing it to better adapt to new trends and challenges which the Campus faces. 

The Caulfield Campus Masterplan Update provides a vision and framework for the physical development of the campus over the next twenty years. It outlines how the University will be improving its education facilities, offering students better services and more transport options, creating higher quality green spaces, and improving the sustainability and adaptability of our campuses.

In 2030, Caulfield campus will be a well-connected, multi-disciplinary hub of excellence and innovation. The campus will connect students, educators and the wider community to generate knowledge, inspiration, and collaboration in all aspects of learning, teaching and research. The Campus Green, as part of a network of high quality public spaces, will promote a collegiate environment that welcomes visitors into the campus. Built form will be integrated to that context resulting in a vibrant, compelling and highly accessible campus experience.

- Caulfield Campus Vision

Monash University Refreshes its Caulfield Master Plan for 2017-2030
The now completed Caulfield Campus Green - a key project of the 2011-2030 Master Plan. Image: Taylor Cullity Lethlean

The Master Plan will assist the University in the planning, design and physical development of the Caulfield Campus towards delivering high-quality environments which benefit students, staff, visitors and the greater community.

It aims to create a vibrant, welcoming and sustainable campus at Caulfield, and to achieve this development needs to be carefully curated. The Master Plan also provides a 20-year vision and framework for the physical development of Monash University's Caulfield Campus.

The Master Plan ensures that Monash University is creating the highest quality environments that support and stimulate education and research, and increase connectivity with the broader community.

Core Principles of the Master Plan:

  1. Connecting with students, educators and the wider economy, enterprise and community
  2. Internationally focused 
  3. Maximising development for core learning and teaching spaces
  4. A sustainable and resilient Campus
  5. Creating a Campus 'heart'
  6. A safe and vibrant night time experience which supports extended hours
  7. A unifying, porous and active public realm
  8. New types of informal learning, teaching and gathering space 

To support the vision of the Master Plan and deliver on the ambitions of creating "a well-connected, multi-disciplinary hub of excellence and innovation"  a number of key projects and moves are proposed including;

  • A new landmark building (B1)
  • Enhanced links to Derby Road and surrounding community
  • A new station gateway - Station Plaza
  • A new sheltered western hub
  • Integrated sustainable infrastructure
  • A network of informal learning and gathering spaces (B3)
  • An integrated public realm
  • A pedestrian oriented Sir John Monash Drive
  • A new southern concourse
  • Adaptation of the existing concourse structure

The Univeristy has identified a number of major external developments which are either underway or in different stages of planning, including Caulfield Village and the possible future development of Melbourne Racing Club

Additionally, Caulfield Station will be redeveloped and with the potential to extend to accommodate longer high-capacity metro trains as part of the Cranbourne- Pakenham Line upgrade.

Monash University Refreshes its Caulfield Master Plan for 2017-2030
Monash's Master Plan - guiding development 2017-2030. Image : NH Architecture

Major redevelopment work is set to commence on the western precinct once Coles supermarket’s lease in Caulfield Plaza expires in August 2020. In the intervening period, the University will undertake the necessary planning processes, stakeholder engagement and feasibility studies in preparation for commencement of works once the current lease expires, facilitating redevelopment of the site for Building B1.


  • Lead Consultant: NH Architecture
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, ESD, Facilities, Wind & Thermal Comfort, Fire Protection, Hydraulics: AECOM
  • Landscape Architects: Aspect Studios
  • Traffic Engineers: GTA Consultants
  • Community Consultants: Capire
  • Geotechnical Investigation: NSP Geotechnics
  • Heritage Consultants: GJM Heritage

Laurence Dragomir

Laurence Dragomir

Laurence Dragomir is one of the co-founders of Urban Melbourne. Laurence has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience working in both the private and public sector specialising in architecture, urban design and planning. He also has a keen interest in the built environment, cities and Star Wars.

Monash University Caulfield Campus NH Architecture Master Plan 2017-2030

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