Monash Peninsula opens Passivhaus-accredited student housing

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Monash Peninsula opens Passivhaus-accredited student housing
Monash Peninsula opens Passivhaus-accredited student housing

Over the course of its tenure, a university building is required to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. With this in mind, Monash University has embarked on a 20-year construction project – with state-of-the-art new buildings designed for longevity, world-class campus amenity and net zero carbon emission.

Monash Peninsula’s Jackson Clements Burrows-designed student accommodation utilises Cross-laminated timber (CLT) imported from Italy. CLT is a cost-effective material which is hard-wearing and requires significantly less labour than regular construction materials such as steel or concrete and is estimated to halve embodied carbon in the building as opposed to a concrete structure.

Monash Peninsula opens Passivhaus-accredited student housing
Interior use of cross-laminated timber. Credit: Jackson Clements Burrows

"We are thrilled with the innovative building and architectural technologies that are being applied to the student Halls of Residence at the Peninsula campus. The design and build processes have been accompanied by a determination to get every detail correct for the Peninsula Campus to have a landmark architectural initiative with unparalleled sustainability goals."

- Professor David Copolov, Pro Vice-Chancellor at Monash University

Multiplex began construction in March last year, and within 12 months the building was completed and now features 150 single-occupancy units across six levels, including communal kitchens and games rooms for student use. Multiplex has extensive experience constructing progressive student accommodation and a long partnership with Monash University – completing their $145 million student accommodation precinct in 2016, the new $206 million Learning and Teaching Building and recently the $81 million Biomedical Learning and Teaching Building in Clayton.

"We are thrilled to deliver this innovative student accommodation and continue our collaboration with Monash University. Student accommodation combines our skills in delivering quality residential developments with our experience in working in busy, live education environments.”

- Graham Cottam, Regional Managing Director Multiplex Victoria

ESD consultants were employed to ensure the building reached a world-recognised Passivhaus sustainable building certification. The Passivhaus certification focuses on health and performance-based buildings to ensure resident comfort, as well as maintaining ultra-low energy use. The reduction of energy cost also makes the accommodation option more financially viable for students.

Other sustainability measures taken include the installation of solar panels which line the building’s roof, rainwater harvesting systems and the creation of a dry creek bed to manage stormwater flows and to connect the natural waterways of the campus.

The design is entirely electric, which again is in line with the University’s net zero carbon emission strategy.

Monash Peninsula's vision:

“Peninsula campus will evolve as a vibrant ‘hillside’ university town, defined by the unique relationship between its compelling native landscape and topography, and its world-leading, next generation learning environments. 

Monash Peninsula will continue to be an industry leader in education and research, with a focus on Allied Health. The campus will build strong partnerships with the Hospital precinct and positive connections with the wider Frankston community. 

Easily accessed by public transport, the campus will support a diverse student population, day and night, and become a unique educational and cultural destination for the surrounding regions and the greater Monash family of campuses. Urban resilience and adaptability are core principles of the Masterplan, demonstrating the University’s commitment to sustainability and net zero emissions.”

Learn more about the Monash Masterplan.

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