Melbourne's new COVID-19 rules mean you can start viewing properties in person again

Melbourne's new COVID-19 rules mean you can start viewing properties in person again
Olivia RoundSeptember 28, 2020

Good news has been announced for property seekers in Australia after a lengthy period of solely online research comes to a close. In-person property viewings will now be permitted as an amendment to Melbourne's lockdown restrictions, giving buyers the freedom to partake in private one-on-one inspections. 

The new rules are effective today, however, there are still a few guidelines people must adhere to:

Time limits

Inspections will be limited to just 15 minutes.

Display viewings

Only one sales agent may be present at the viewing.

Group viewings

Those within the same bubble can view properties together, including housemates, or partner and children.

Travel distance

Exceptions will be made to the 5-kilometre radius rule, with property seekers able to travel to attend a viewing. However, you can only leave your home for a maximum of two hours and no travel to regional Victoria will be permitted. 

Last week Westpac economists also shared some positive commentary acknowledging that it would be likely that we could see a significant upturn in property values by December 2021, despite the impact COVID-19 has had on the economy. 

If you'd like to book a viewing of a display suite, now is a great time to make a booking while there are still times available. You can find all of our latest off-the-plan listings here

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