Melbourne's development by tram redux: the 19

Melbourne's development by tram redux: the 19
Alastair TaylorFebruary 7, 2018

Last time we profiled the development occurring along the Tram #19 / Sydney Road corridor there were 43 projects and 2,938 units in the pipeline with almost half of those projects sitting at a status of approved.

15 months later, Brunswick, Coburg and Coburg North have unsurprisingly seen their numbers increase, both in total number of projects as well as dwelling unit counts on the Project Database.

5 projects have completed construction (304 new units) and there's still a bit of cross-over - some projects have progressed, some are still sitting at approved.

Tram 19 corridor status - early February 2018.

AspectNumber of ProjectsNumber of dwellings
Residential projects: Planning Assessment111,036
Residential projects: Approved211,324
Residential projects: Registration & Sales9397
Residential projects: Under Construction7601

The number of approved project has stayed roughly the same over the past 15 months, cementing Brunswick with a good pipeline of approved new dwellings. 

In October 2016 like in February 2018 there are 9 projects at Registration & Sales however there are approximately 25% less dwellings currently for sale, which speaks to what the industry has been saying for a while now - projects are seeing fewer apartments which are not targeted at investors but owner-occupiers.

Furthermore - there is a similar amount of apartments currently under construction - 7 projects in February, 8 back in October 2016 and there are approximately 14% less units under construction.

The biggest increase in numbers for the pipeline segment is projects before council/with a Planning Assessment status.  In October 2016 there were 6 projects representing 313 dwellings before Moreland City Council, now there are 11 projects and over 1000 dwellings.

Sydney Road (South of Moreland Road)

The heart of Brunswick maintains its place on the list of local areas where the most projects are located.   

In October 2016 it was the Anstey precinct which had the most projects but now between Victoria and Park Streets there are 21 projects (up from 13).

The Anstey precinct (plus immediate area) has 15 projects between Victoria Street and Moreland Road.

Melbourne's development by tram redux: the 19
Mesh Apartments - image CHT Architects

Coburg (North of Moreland Road)

As was the case in October 2016, north of Moreland Road, the Project Database shows far less projects than what is present south of Moreland Road.

Including projects in the area around the old Pentridge Gaol, there are 11 projects plus one more straggler located near the end of the tram tracks on Sydney Road adjacent to Batman Station.

See below for a full list of projects on The #19 tram corridor.

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