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Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited

Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited
Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited

In light of news breaking over the weekend regarding efforts to provide Melbourne with a new tallest building dubbed Magic, it's an opportune time to cast a brief glance over the sizeable group over towers across Melbourne in development beyond 200 metre height mark.

Whilst Magic shapes as Melbourne's most monumental tower, it has yet to reach planning. Thus the number of towers confirmed beyond the 200 metre height mark currently stands at 27.

Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited
Magic in the making or merely a magic trick. Image: Decibel Architecture

These are projects ranging from planning through to construction and exclude towers already completed. The overall figure would be higher but for a handful of applications that have over the last 18 months had their heights cut significantly whilst at planning.

With no new towers beyond the 200 metre mark submitted for quite some time, a brief overview of the confirmed 27 projects and potentially a 28th at 158 City Road reads as follows:

Central Business District

Melbourne's CBD continues to roll along as the primary hub for 200 metre towers in development. One of Queens Place's dual 246 metre towers is under construction, as are two of West side Place's four 200 plus metre towers.

Further tall towers at construction include Premier Tower380 Lonsdale, the hulking Aurora Melbourne Central and Victoria One, with the latter racing toward completion.

Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited
Premier Tower and 380 Lonsdale are at construction

The next line of CBD projects covers those at sales. Sapphire by the Gardens' two towers, Uno Tower and 299 King Street have established marketing campaigns whilst the remaining towers that constitute West Side Place are about to launch to market.

This in effect leaves Sterling Global's 242 metre 383 La Trobe Street and Brady Group's 210 metre 272-282 Queen Street as approved developments in waiting.

Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited
Uno Tower, 299 King Street and West Side Place

The remaining project holding approval is 640 Bourke Street which also happens to be listed for sale. The site is one of three Melbourne developments across the CBD and Carlton being divested by Sydney-based developer Besgate Group.


The prospect of Magic aside, Southbank remains Melbourne's stronghold for tall towers. Australia 108 and one of Melbourne Square's two 200 metre plus towers are under construction, with the balance of projects holding approval. 

1 Queensbridge Street51-65 Clarke Street54 Clarke Street295 City Road38 Freshwater Place and 88 Queensbridge have the green light to proceed when their respective developers see fit, although only 88 Queensbridge is at sales.

Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited
Australia 108 and dual Clarke Street skyscrapers. Photo: Adrian

Last week one of the above approved towers, namely 51-65 Clarke Street was listed for sale via Colliers International. Newcity Group has elected to sell the permit approved development which spans 73 levels or approximately 230 metres in height.

158 City Road is potentially the 28th tower to join the list and remains the only 200 metre plus tower at planning. It's still noted as at assessment after a bid to increase its approved height significantly from approximately 160 metres to above the 200 metre threshold was lodged some time ago.

It is worth noting that Beulah International's intended development of the BMW Southbank site which is currently subject to a design competition will likely yield one of not two towers beyond the 200 metre mark.


Swanston Central is Carlton's sole tower beyond 200 metres and will likely remain so for a very long time. Multiplex have taken the build to approximately the 30 level mark, and will eventually span 72 Levels with 1039 apartments included.

Melbourne's 200 metre development club revisited
Carlton's tallest on the rise. Image: Ryan Seychell

Mark Baljak

Mark Baljak

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