Melbourne Metro's first TBM arrives, named after Victoria's first female premier

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Melbourne Metro's first TBM arrives, named after Victoria's first female premier
Melbourne Metro's first TBM arrives, named after Victoria's first female premier

The first of Melbourne Metro's TBMs has completed its sea voyage from China and arrived at the North Melbourne (née Arden) launch site where it will begin its journey underground shortly.

Tunnel Boring Machines around the world are given female names and the first TBM for Melbourne Metro will be named for Joan Kirner, after Victoria's first female premier.

Joan Kirner served as the ALP member for Williamstown and was elected leader of the parliamentary Labor party in 1990 and served as premier until October 1992.

The second TBM will be named for Meg Lanning who captains the Australian women's national cricket team.  The third TBM will be named for Alice Appleford, a civilian and military nurse during both world wars.

The fourth and final TBM to be launched for the Melbourne Metro project will be named for Millie Peacock, Victoria's first female MP.

Melbourne Metro's first TBM arrives, named after Victoria's first female premier
Sequencing of the various stages for tunneling on the Melbourne Metro project. Image: Melbourne Metro

As each TBM arrives at their respective launch site, they will begin their tunneling journeys by heading towards the eastern or western portals in South Yarra or Kensington respectively.

Once that let of the journey is complete, the TBMs will be disassembled and trucked back to the launch site where they will then be reassembled and set on their way toward the CBD stations at State Library or Town Hall.

State Library and Town Hall stations, as well as the tunnel between the two, will be constructed using road headers, which crushed their first rock under Swanston street in late November 2018.

According to the updated TBM tracker on the Metro Tunnel website, the second TBM - Meg, is well on its way from China and at the time of posting is on a ship sailing down the east coast of Australia.

The Melbourne Metro project is scheduled to be complete with train services operational by 2025.

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Discussion (2 comments)

Grampians's picture
sorry to be so prurient, and obvious, but do we really think that any folks WANT a Tunnel Boring Machine named after them...?

do we own these things now?
Laurence Dragomir's picture
It's tradition that before they are launched, Tunnel Boring Machine's are named after a woman.
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