Melbourne apartment of the week: One Wilson Ave, Brunswick

Melbourne apartment of the week: One Wilson Ave, Brunswick
Olivia RoundSeptember 9, 2020

Making its mark in Brunswick's Wilson Avenue precinct, is One Wilson Ave, the latest collaborative residential project by Neometro and Milieu.

With a commanding concrete facade by Fieldwork and stylish minimalist interiors by DesignOffice, One Wilson Ave will have buyers flocking from every corner of the city to secure a home in this ultra-sophisticated and highly sustainable development.

I caught up with Milieu director, Shannon Peach, to find out what inspired the design and vision of the project.

Melbourne apartment of the week: One Wilson Ave, Brunswick

U: Where did you draw inspiration for One Wilson Ave from?

Alongside Neometro we share a commitment to design excellence and positively contributing to Melbourne’s urban landscape.

With architecture and interior design by Fieldwork and DesignOffice respectively, Wilson Ave Brunswick responds to its local context in its architectural form and interior experience. It explores the subtle elegance of traditional utilitarian materials chosen for their ability to age with grace.

The design narrative was driven by a process of distillation and deduction to create a distinct dialogue with the traditional bluestone foundations and cobblestone laneways visible throughout the neighbourhood, an enduring backdrop for living. Drawing inspiration from the local area, it was important to create a building that resonated with Brunswick and serve as a benchmark for contemporary architecture in the area.

U: What were the top 5 features you decided had to be included in the development and why?

1. To create truly liveable homes - Wilson Ave features two of Australia’s best design talents Fieldwork Architecture who have designed the building and DesignOffice designing the interiors.

2. The apartments at One Wilson Ave have been created with superior floorplans that meet the needs of residents that require homes designed for flexible living. Floorplans allow the flexibility to create home offices, children’s playrooms, yoga spaces or an extension of the living zone.

3. Paying homage to Neometro's history and Milieu's development approach, while referencing the area's brutalist post-war buildings, the façade is defined by a bold and singular material: concrete. Its use ensures that the building will age gracefully and develop a unique character as the years go by.

4. Storage considerations save valuable kitchen workspace and ample built in laundry and linen storage in every apartment ensures optimised floorplans and provides residents the chance to hide any unwanted appliances.

5. Sustainability - We believe sustainability is about longevity and strategic design rather than tokenistic gestures. This means favouring durable materials that wear in (not out); integrating renewable energy; and devising spaces that can respond passively to changes in weather. Measures have been put in place now to ensure clients can buy once and buy well, maintaining a high level of sustainability for many years to come.

U: What do you think buyers love most about One Wilson Ave?

Buyers are always looking for intelligently designed, fully resolved homes that have been painstakingly designed to ensure every aspect is considered. We’ve already had great interest from first home buyers who have been drawn to our one and two-bedroom apartments, many of which are eligible for the HomeBuilder grant and also downsizers who appreciate the design for flexible living and can turn spare rooms into offices, libraries or yoga studios should they wish.

U: If you had to choose your favourite aspect of the building, what would it be?

The sense of permanence that Wilson Ave immediately instils from the outset is definitely a highlight for me. These apartments are designed with longevity in mind. The enduring materials used, combined with thoughtful design decisions, mean that these apartments will wear in, not wear out. Occupants can rest assured that their home will age gracefully, and require minimal intervention and replacements across the years, which will reduce both wastage and costs in the long-term.

U: What makes your project stand out from other properties on the market?

In 2020 our homes have had to adapt to our changing needs. No longer simply a place for reprieve, COVID-19 has seen dining tables become workstations, living rooms become yoga studios and bedrooms become classrooms. The adaptability and multi-functionality of space has long been central to Milieu’s design philosophy for apartment living. Neometro and Milieu share a belief in refined design and civic responsibility, creating enduring spaces of influence that enhance the neighbourhoods in which they stand, and Wilson Ave is exemplar of this honest connection.

Project credits 
Developers: Milieu and Neometro
Architect: Fieldwork
Interior Design: DesignOffice

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