Mackycorp lines up a major Liverpool office development

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Mackycorp lines up a major Liverpool office development
Mackycorp lines up a major Liverpool office development

Liverpool's skyline will further change if an office tower backed by Sydney developer Mackycorp gains approval.

Costed at over $106 million to build, 277 Bigge Street shapes as a skyline-changing addition to Liverpool and an imposing marker opposite Liverpool railway station. The overall development has reportedly been valued in excess of $200 million and would see the existing New Commercial Hotel refurbished, with the tower to rise behind the pub.

Design duties for the tower were handed to Fender Katsalidis, with the result a 25 storey tower containing in excess of 27,000 square metres of Gross Floor Area.

Towering above neighbouring buildings, 277 Bigge Street would reach 97 metres in height.

Mackycorp lines up a major Liverpool office development
Panoramic view in Mackycorp's intended office development. Planning image: Fender Katsalidis

Approximately 24,000 square metres of office space is intended for the development.

At ground level, the revamped New Commercial Hotel is set to be joined by four retail tenancies amounting to 349 square metres. In addition, Mackycorp has been noted as saying that the development will include a walk-through "Spice-Alley" style food stall forecourt to be known as "The Stables."

A sizeable cafe will also take place in the tower's foyer. Beyond ground floor uses, 277 Bigge Street includes a level 11 outdoor terrace with a Georges River aspect.

Reaching planning late last month, the application is before the Joint Regional Planning Panel owing to its size and significance.

Mackycorp lines up a major Liverpool office development
The New Commercial Hotel is in for renewal. Planning image: Fender Katsalidis

277 Bigge Street becomes the 30th Liverpool listing to enter the Project Database. 

Whilst the majority of those current listings are residential in nature, Liverpool is still attracting a number of A-grade commercial developments. Among them is developer Goldstein & Rush Pty Ltd who have backed an 11 storey commercial development at 25-35 Scott Street which is approaching completion.

From a pure height perspective, 277 Bigge Street is marginally shorter than Skyhaus which is Liverpool's tallest building at 100 metes. A handful of applications such as 1-5 Speed Street and mooted projects such as 133 Bigge Street and 26-28 Elizabeth Street are pushing the east suburban hub toward a high-density future.

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