Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments

Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments
Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments

Last year we had a chat to Tim Lowe of Lowe Living, who shared with us how buying off-the-plan is almost becoming more akin to a process of building your own home. With this in mind, we wanted to learn more about what makes a truly successful residential development. Recently we caught up with Tim again, to find out a few of the secrets behind creating a development which stands out from other properties on the market. 

Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments
Alamer Brighton.

Urban.com.au: As a property developer, working with great designers and builders is vital for the success of a development. How do you choose the right team for each of your projects?

Tim Lowe: Every Lowe Living project is the inspired collaboration of our passionate and dedicated team, industry-leading experts and renown partners. Based on the site location and project vision, we partner with market-leading architects, interior architects and landscape architects that have a proven record of outstanding and timeless design in similar local precincts. We are committed to producing high quality, beautiful residences that not only deliver enduring enjoyment for our discerning clients but also respond to their environment and create a connection to the local community. Fortunately, we have a building arm in house, Lowe Create, that works closely with us from land acquisition to settlement, and even support for residents thereafter. The Lowe Create team shares our vision for excellence and meticulous attention to detail, which ensures we deliver the best possible home for our clients.

Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments
Azura Aspendale.

U: What do you think makes a multi-residential development stand out from other properties on the market?

TL: buying off the plan within a multi-residential development can offer many benefits. Initial benefits include: small deposit with nothing else to pay until settlement allowing buyers more time to save; Land Transfer Duty (formerly Stamp Duty) savings; a brand new architecturally designed and environmentally sustainable home; ability to customise and personalise your new home; and an opportunity to live in an aspirational lifestyle-focussed location. In the long term, benefits include ongoing maintenance and support, gardens that require minimal upkeep and significant warranty periods.

U: Which design trends are becoming more prevalent in your new developments and why?

TL: We specialise in boutique medium-density residential apartments and townhomes, which despite being within a multi-residential development, have a house-like feel. This often includes providing a sense of entry (particularly for apartments, where this is often lacking), spacious interiors with generous airflow and natural light, and inventive use of space. With everyone currently spending more time in the home, this is a key consideration for design. 

We place an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in, with an abundance of natural light and floor plans that flow between light-filled interiors to lush outdoors. This evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation, which has a positive impact on our wellness and the overall experience at home.

Our resolute client-centred philosophy inspires the creation of homes where the living is exceptional and the enjoyment timeless. This is why we offer personalisation and customisation to our clients, who appreciate having the opportunity to make small adjustments to ensure their new home meets all their needs for many years to come. 

Sustainability is another key consideration. Not only in materials and technological innovation but also how our developments impact and connect to their environment. We carefully consider every aspect of our projects, ensuring we deliver positive change to the communities we serve.

We commit to providing our clients with beautiful homes that stand the test of time. So while we bring a fresh and contemporary design intent to every project, ensuring the style is sophisticated and timeless is always our objective. 

Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments
Azura Aspendale.

U: How do you create a development which meets the needs of both the buyers and the broader community?

TL: When beautiful, high-quality architecture that enhances and respects the natural beauty of a location is at the heart of every project, the end result almost always addresses the needs of both the client and the community. For example, the design intent for Lumiere Black Rock replicates the contrast that exists between the curved lines of HMVS Cerberus, sunk just off Half Moon Bay’s shoreline and the rough edges of the seaside cliffs. While at Azura Aspendale we have captured the essence of the coastal setting in lush plantings and outdoor spaces that reference the beachside lifestyle. 

U: Do you think COVID-19 will influence the way buildings and communities are constructed in future?

TL: The experience of spending extended periods of time at home, including those working from home, will have a profound impact on floor plans, airflow and natural light. We have all realised the importance to our wellbeing of a functional home with areas for retreat, such as refreshing outdoors. Spaces need to be adaptable to cater for various activities, such as a temporary home office or craft area. Technology and innovation should be a key consideration for staying connected.

Lowe Living’s Tim Lowe discusses the secret to creating successful townhome developments
Lumiere Black Rock.

U: Are there any changes you feel need to be made within the property development industry to ensure new projects stand the test of time?

TL: We would love to see more legislation ensuring purchasers receive more clarity around what it is they are actually buying off the plan. Currently, only marginal and ambiguous information is required to be given to the client. Lowe Living are committed to delivering a client experience like no other. Our dedicated in-house sales and client services teams are there to provide comprehensive information that assists our clients in making informed decisions, as well as supporting them through every stage of their purchase journey.

U: What are the key characteristics of a Lowe Living development that buyers love most? 

TL: Our client-first approach is central to every aspect of our business. We are across every detail of each residence, delivering what we promised our clients in a timely manner. Developers have a difficult reputation, but we take pride in our proven portfolio of exceptionally executed projects along with a long list of very happy clients. This is a testament to our:

  • Acquisition of superior sites in lifestyle-focused locations;
  • Collaboration with market-leading architects and interior architects to design the best possible home for our clients;
  • Ongoing architectural advice and design support to ensure we deliver homes with premium finishes and the finest attention to detail;
  • end-to-end development of prestigious apartments and townhomes, built by our partner Lowe Create, who are renowned for their expert design, superb craftsmanship and exceptional project delivery; and
  • A dedicated in-house sales and client services teams who provide support through every stage of the purchase journey.

Lead image: La Sal. Credit: Lowe Living.

Tim Lowe

Tim Lowe

As the leader of the Lowe Living & Lowe Create teams, Tim prides himself on creating smart and intelligent property solutions with meticulous attention to detail. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering and close to 15 years of industry experience working with top firms including Leighton Holdings and Delta Group, paired with a passion for the construction of high-end residential homes, Tim has a comprehensive understanding of construction methodologies and complex structures.

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