Live City’s heritage credentials to be outlined via a community event

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Live City’s heritage credentials to be outlined via a community event
Live City’s heritage credentials to be outlined via a community event

Developer R&F Property Australia will this Saturday take the uncommon step of hosting a community day which will showcase the heritage aspects of their Live City development.

Live City’s heritage credentials to be outlined via a community event
Live City Footscray community event

Live City is the working name for the former Kinnears Rope Factory site which primarily fronts Footscray’s Ballarat Road. The bulk of the former factory’s unique brick facade which spans hundreds of metres and other heritage aspects will be retained as part of R&F Property’s multi-phased transformation of the hulking site which maintains three street frontages.

According to the Victorian Heritage Register, the Kinnears Rope Factory’s spans back to 1909, with subsequent buildings added through to 1969. 

The Victorian Heritage Register notes "Kinnears Ropeworks is of historical significance for its contribution to the industrial landscape of Melbourne, in particular the western suburb of Footscray as a major industrial centre. Kinnears Ropeworks, Footscray, is of architectural significance as an important example of a large industrial complex and is highly representative of early twentieth century industrial construction."

Live City’s heritage credentials to be outlined via a community event
Kinnears in action during 1921. Image: Victorian Places

The community day and barbecue will be an opportunity for Footscray residents, Victoria University students, the local business community and surrounding retails to witness first-hand what the intended transformation of the site entails.

To shed light upon the massive redevelopment that will in time introduce a mixed-use programme across the over 3 hectare site, R&F Property will outline their intentions for the development, whilst heritage consultant Lovell Chen will provide an in depth presentation regarding the project’s key heritage  retentions and how they will interact with the new built form.

Touching upon the historic importance of site, Lovell Chen will explain in detail various heritage components and Live City’s master vision. The approved master plan will see laneways and heritage brick structures incorporated into the fabric of the new precinct, with the heritage consultant also explaining how the community will be able to utilise the development upon its completion.

Construction of Live City’s first tower is underway, as are heritage retention works.

Live City’s heritage credentials to be outlined via a community event
Aerial overview of the Footscray development in its entirety. Image: R&F Property

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet representatives of the Live City delivery team. 

R&F Property expect that Saturday’s event will foster greater community awareness and understanding of what is Footscray’s largest development. The project has been given the green light to add retail, community and commercial uses plus as many as 1,450 new dwellings alongside various retained heritage structures across the site.

The heritage showcase community event will be held this Saturday August 4th between 12:30pm – 4pm at The Live City Display Suite at the corner of Ballarat Road and Farnsworth Avenue.

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Discussion (2 comments)

anita's picture
interested in the Kinnears appartrments
Urban Chris's picture
Hey Anita - You can express your interest on the project page here: https://www.urban.com.au/projects/live-city-124-188-ballarat-road-footscray
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