Landmark White rebranding and expanding under new title Acumentis

Landmark White rebranding and expanding under new title Acumentis
Staff reporterDecember 7, 2020

Australian property valuation company LandMark White, following its recent dark web leak controversy, has announced that the company will continue operating under a new name – Acumentis.

The new brand will combine both LandMark White and Taylor Byrne, which was acquired in October 2018.

The controversy saw numerous valuation clients pulling out for a period following an initial data breach that cost up to $7 million.

Acumentis will continue as one of Australia's largest independent property valuation and property consultancy firms, with 40 offices and more than 300 staff in metropolitan and regional locations around the country.

Timothy Rabbitt will continue as Chief Executive Officer of Acumentis which will offer an expanded range of valuation, advisory services and an increased geographical coverage.

Mr Rabbitt is joined by a refreshed Board and leadership team, expanded services and a simplified business structure. The new brand name will not affect any service contracts and agreements in place with LandMark White or Taylor Byrne.

The company said that it now has the "industry’s most secure IT platform," holding ISO 27001 certification, following considerable investment and system enhancements made in 2019.

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