John Holland to build the new Victorian Heart Hospital

John Holland to build the new Victorian Heart Hospital
John Holland to build the new Victorian Heart Hospital

The design of the new Victorian Heart Hospital project has been unveiled and a builder has appointed to construct the project located within Monash University's Clayton campus.

The $543 million joint venture design from Brisbane-native firm Conrad Gargett and local outfit John Wardle Architects will be built by John Holland with works expected to commence by the end of the year.

As its name suggests, the hospital's focus is on cardiovascular health and will include 195 beds with the capacity to provide 2,000 cardiac surgeries each year, 13,5000 cardiac laboratory procedures and cater for 28,300 cardiac emergency presentations and 108,000 consultations.

The hospital will be endowed with TeleHealth facilities enabling remote specialist appointments for those living in regional Victoria to be conducted remotely, removing the need for long bouts of travel.

90% of the materials required to build the Monash Heart Hospital will be sourced from local industries and Spring Street expects 1,700 construction jobs will be created.  

“Our state is at the forefront of breakthroughs in treating heart disease. This hospital further cements our reputation as the world’s best and gives Victorian patients better access to the latest advances in cardiac care," the Minister for Health, Jill Hennessy said.

The hospital is expected to be operational by mid-2022 according to the Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority (VHHSBA).

John Holland to build the new Victorian Heart Hospital
Exterior render of the new Victorian Heart Hospital - image: VHHSBA

Elsewhere another Monash Health hospital is currently being expanded.  Casey Hospital located near Berwick Station is expanding with the addition of 160 new beds which consist of 128 multiday patient beds, an intensive care unit of 12 beds and a day surgery unit with 12 beds.

6 new operating theatres, refurbishment and expansion works of pharmacy, pathology, and back of house facilities along with new teaching and training facilities which will be operated by Monash University are also included in the expansion project.

The Casey Hospital expansion is happening at the same time as the move of the local St John of God private hospital's from Gloucester Avenue to a site opposite Casey Hospital on Kangan Drive in the heart of the Berwick Station, Health and Education precinct that includes a campus of Chisholm Institute and former Monash University and now Federation University campus.

The Casey Hospital expansion project is being carried out under the terms of the original public private partnership and the hospital will revert to State Government hands in 2029, as originally planned according to the VHHSBA.

John Holland to build the new Victorian Heart Hospital
Render of the Casey Hospital expansion - image: VHHSBA

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