Jamistown apartments for sale through virtual real estate agent 'Emma'

Jamistown apartments for sale through virtual real estate agent 'Emma'
Staff ReporterDecember 7, 2020

The new Nepean Rise apartment project in Jamistown, near Penrith’s CBD, is set to be sold by 'Emma'…a virtual real estate agent powered by artificial intelligence. 

Emma has been hailed as the country’s most advanced virtual selling agent, with a depth of AI learning capacity drawn an extensive data lake. 

It is actually little more than live chat.

There is no illustrative graphic representation of the so-called selling agent, Emma.

Laing+Simmons Projects, in collaboration with Laing+Simmons Penrith, has just launched Emma to coordinate off-the-plan sales at Nepean Rise with the guiding principle being a better user experience. 

“The pace of change in AI since the first virtual agents were employed until now has been exponential,” says Jason Salter of Laing+Simmons Projects.

“It amounts to a vastly enhanced quantum of data for Emma to tap into, delivering a more targeted and individual service to customers at any time that suits them, which of course is the key reason for AI being the future of service industries like real estate," Salter added.

Jamistown apartments for sale through virtual real estate agent 'Emma'

Emma can navigate a buyer’s journey from initial enquiry through to purchase and settlement, depending on the customer’s preferences. A human agent can enter the transaction at any time, and Emma will let he or she know the optimal time for this to happen. 

Nepean Rise at 47-51 Preston Street in Jamisontown, is just minutes from Penrith’s CBD. 

“These new homes will be moments from what is a vast commercial centre, with access to transport, shopping and dining options, sport and recreational facilities, community amenities and more,” Salter says. 

“The capital growth prospects for the Nepean Rise apartments are clear but for owner-occupiers, the lifestyle benefits are equally compelling.”   

Developed and being built by Devcon Partners, Nepean Rise will comprise 46 architecturally designed two and three-bedroom apartments, in a variety of configurations. 

The apartments are targeted at investors and owner-occupiers, and construction is expected to kick off next year.

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