Independent assessment for East-West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement

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Independent assessment for East-West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement

The Planning Minister has announced the creation of an independent assessment committee which will review public submissions received during the exhibition of the Comprehensive Impact Statement for the East-West Link.  

An event to watch next month will be forum the City of Yarra will be holding to discuss the CIS on Thursday 7th November at the Fitzroy Town Hall, 6pm - the feedback Yarra receive at the forum will be used for the City of Yarra's own submission.

The Terms of Reference for the new committee can be found here.    

Urban Melbourne will be watching with great interest if individuals and organisations address point 7a from public hearing matters directly:

Whether the impacts of the project on the traffic performance of roads connecting to the project, and the surrounding road network, as well as on connectivity for public transport, cycling and pedestrians, have been appropriately addressed.

 Planning Minister's press release in full:

Independent assessment for East West Link impact


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