Imperial Doncaster starts construction, Sovereign Square unveiled

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Imperial Doncaster starts construction, Sovereign Square unveiled
Sovereign Square's podium - Image © Buchan Group

Announcing Imperial Doncaster 60% sold with Hacer Group to commence construction within weeks, AXF Group have simultaneously unveiled final renders for the now approved 34 level Sovereign Square project at 545 Station Street, Box Hill.  

At 120 metres above sea level, Doncaster Hill commands excellent views in all directions and future residents will be afforded and even greater perspective once the 10 level Imperial Doncaster development is completed. 

Sales and Marketing manager for AXF, Scott Jessop, says beyond the headline figure of 60% of apartments sold, Imperial Doncaster has attracted strong interest from local owner-occupiers looking to remain loyal to their community by downsizing into Imperial Doncaster's offerings.  The project has reportedly seen keen interest from buyers who wish to play a more hands-on role in configuring their apartments with multi-purchase and combine configurations a common occurrence.

Like all the projects we track around the city, Urban Melbourne will be keeping a watchful eye on Imperial Doncaster's construction progress post the construction launch in March.

Imperial Doncaster starts construction, Sovereign Square unveiled

A short trip along the aptly named Tram Road - the route of the Southern Hemisphere's first electric tramway which opened in 1889 - is another development by AXF Group previously known as 545 Station Street Box Hill, and now referred to as Sovereign Square.

Having spent more than a decade observing projects all around Melbourne, this site has appeared on the radar multiple times in one guise or another, yet the current proposal is the pick of all that have been put forward.  AXF Group have once more utilised Imperial Doncaster designers Buchan Group to produce this 34 level residential tower on the corner of Station Street and Carrington Road, destined to be suburban Melbourne's tallest building.

Perhaps most satisfactory of all, Sovereign Square will set an example as to what can be done with the surface car parks that blight our suburban activity centres throughout the metropolitan area.

Where Imperial Doncaster consisted of 94 apartments, Sovereign Square will boast 419.  Studio, one, two and three bedroom configurations will be present throughout the building and 288 car, 15 motorbike and 167 bicycle spaces will round out the on-site transport aspects of the project.

Imperial Doncaster starts construction, Sovereign Square unveiled

Given Sovereign Square's location directly adjacent to Box Hill Station with the comprehensive array of transport options located within the immediate vicinity, this tower is located in an area ripe for intensive urban development.

Carrington Road, synonymous with Indochinese cuisine, forms one of the site's boundaries and Sovereign Square looks set to expand the dining precinct with 2677 square metres of restaurant space within the podium, supplemented by 715 square metres of ground floor food premises. A further 2263 square metres of premium serviced office space is also to be included.

Imperial Doncaster starts construction, Sovereign Square unveiled

Sovereign Square is an interesting turn of events for the this middle ring corridor in Eastern Melbourne, not only because of the scale of the development but more so the prolonged period of time taken for Box Hill to densify?

As discussed earlier, Box Hill appears - on paper at least - to be the better node to support higher densities given both the high frequency of rail services right through the heart of the suburb, Tram 109 as well as its concentration of bus routes to and from the activities district.

With a flurry of mid-rise proposals north of Whitehorse Road, Box Hill Hospital's redevelopment and the now under construction ATO office accommodation, Box Hill has started to flex its muscle by demonstrating it can capitalise on all the necessary elements it has at its disposal to mature into an urban hub, with Sovereign Square leading the way


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