ICD Property's Matt Khoo discusses the cost of sustainability in property development

ICD Property's Matt Khoo discusses the cost of sustainability in property development
Olivia RoundApril 23, 2020

Building sustainably should be at the forefront of all building development. However, with a multitude of financial obligations, it can become a 'nice-to-have' rather than a 'must-have' for many developers. If we're to meet global carbon reduction goals over the next 10 to 20 years, we really need to see this paradigm shift.

With experience in both finance and property, Matt Khoo has a knack for finding the perfect balance between investing in sustainable building materials, selling homes at an affordable price and still maintaining the profitability of his business. How? There's no clear-cut formula, but Matt shared with us some valuable insight into how he measures the feasibility of ICD Property's projects.

Interviewee: Matt Khoo, Managing Director at ICD Property

Journalist: Urban Editor, Olivia Round

Key talking points:

0:29 - How Matt got into property and finance

1:34 - Risk in property development

1:48 - How sustainable design enhances the lives of residents

4:17 - Incentives for developers to build sustainable developments

5:40 - Roadblocks for developers to create sustainable developments

7:21 - Do buyers want sustainable homes and services?

9:12 - Future sustainable initiatives ICD Property are going to be rolling out

10:04 - Finding the perfect balance between building sustainable homes which are affordable, whilst also maintaining the profitability of your business

12:26 - How to communicate to buyers the value of paying more for a sustainably built home

13:41 - Increased buyer interest in sustainable homes (in recent years)

14:21 - Challenges of building large-scale sustainable projects

16:05 - How does living sustainably extend beyond "going green" (recycling, solar etc.)

17:35 - Creating a sustainable investment

18:36 - Matt's view of what the national benchmark should be for sustainability in Australia

20:57 - The value of investing in extra amenities such as garden areas

22:12 - How Matt would like to see Australia's housing look in 10 to 20 years time

Lead image: Matt Khoo, Eq. Tower. Credit: Elenberg Fraser.

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