How appropriate > 195 Wellington St, Collingwood

How appropriate > 195 Wellington St, Collingwood
How appropriate > 195 Wellington St, Collingwood

The Collingwood heartland, black and white stripes......enough to make those of us who are not associated with the great unwashed (read: Collingwood supporters) sick.

Jokes aside this is the latest offering from prolific developer Blue Earth Group via Plus Architecture. The two have managed to concoct this unique design for 195 Wellington Street, Collingwood which was submitted for approval to City of Yarra in recent weeks.

With nine levels of living space above three basement carpark levels the complex seeks to house 84 one and two bedroom apartments between 49sqm and 79sqm, 55 carpark spaces, 84 bicycle bays and a landscaped rooftop common area.

How appropriate > 195 Wellington St, Collingwood

Sustainability initiatives seem to be directed toward the internal environment with an average Nathers Rating of 7 stars, exceeding current Australian standards. Included are natural ventilation, no borrowed light to any two bedroom apartments, solar hot water system and rainwater harvesting. Whilst it doesn't read as overly interesting, the vast majority of apartments will have access to at least three hours of direct sunlight during winter in living areas.

Further, the facade is designed in such a way that is provides shading and privacy without impeding natural light or ventilation. Over summer months solar heat gain is restricted through facade design whilst during winter solar heat gain is unrestricted, allowing for natural warming - quite the feat with what is visually a simple striped facade design.

How appropriate > 195 Wellington St, Collingwood

Referring to buildings in Chengdu and Tokyo through the planning document as references and inspiration, Plus Architecture have also thrown another of their projects (Armada, seen above) into the design mix to create a building that intends "To unify tower, podium and base elements into a singular, flowing 'veiled' volume when viewed along both Wellington and Napoleon Street."

Referencing Armada once more, similar metal strips will form the highlight of 195 Wellington Street's facade, contrasted with black glazing resulting in a unique, robust design.

The application also states, "The use of arches at ground level to provide large span openings for the building entry and ground level apartments provide for an activated and engaging ground level ineterface and are an allusion to the arched openings of nearby Victorian era buildings along Wellington Street such as St Martins Church and St Josephs Parish."

Of interest is the lack of any ground floor retail offerings, possibly owing to the hulking commission tower directly opposite. Then again that may be all the more reason to add retail spaces?

How appropriate > 195 Wellington St, Collingwood

Regardless, 195 Wellington street sits within the Smith Street Major Activity Centre and is currently a surface carpark. Plus Architecture envisages continued strong development in the area, with 195 Wellington abutting the now at sales Oxley Collingwood apartment project while the nearby Yorkshire Brewery recently gaining approval for a rejuvenated residential development.

Add a brace of recent apartment completions on Stanley Street, 95 Wellington Street plus the now under construction 132-172 Smith Street and it's evident the only way for Collingwood is up (who knows about the football team however).


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