Hobart Airport to embark on three-stage expansion project under direction of Woods Bagot

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Hobart Airport to embark on three-stage expansion project under direction of Woods Bagot
Hobart Airport to embark on three-stage expansion project under direction of Woods Bagot

In the past year, Hobart has seen a significant tourism boom with 307,000 international visitors flocking to the Tasmanian state in just 12 months – that’s more than Hobart’s entire population. To prepare for the projected future tourism growth rate of 15%, Hobart airport will undergo a substantial three-part upgrade and offer international flights, beginning next year. The airport saw more than 2.6 million passengers last year, marking one of the airport’s busiest years ever.

Woods Bagot has been tasked with the redesign project dubbed ‘The Terminal Expansion Project’ (TXP), with the first stage focusing on expanding and improving existing facilities and lounges, passenger screening zones, implementing international processing and a new 550 square metre Qantas lounge will also be constructed.

“With tourism at the heart of opportunities for Tasmania’s sustainable economic growth, the airport terminal expansion will accommodate the significant increases forecast for domestic and international passenger numbers. It will equally support the state’s robust growth in exports with non-stop services to international markets.”

- Andy Gentry, Woods Bagot Principal

Hobart Airport to embark on three-stage expansion project under direction of Woods Bagot
Hobart caves. Credit: Matt Glastonbury via Hobart Tours

The final two stages will include increasing baggage processing as well as introducing more retail, food and beverage outlets. Stage Two of the TXP will commence once the first stage is completed, with an aim to finish the project by 2030.

At its current state, the airport is undersized by 50%, so the TXP is likely to create a more comfortable and efficient environment for travellers, airline employees and Hobart airport ground staff.

The Woods Bagot design team includes Andy Gentry, Ivan Turcinov, John Liddiard, Matthew Abbott and Linda Randall.

Lead image credit: Woods Bagot

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Discussion (1 comment)

Jean's picture
Tasmania is a beautiful island which I visit as much as possible. I have family there which makes all the more enjoyable.
However when flying from Melbourne Tullamarine you have to walk out on the tarmac and up stairs to plane. The same applies when returning from Hobart.
If your elderly or not and the weather is terrible it is terrible to have to walk out into the elements.
With the news of renovations to the Hobart Airport I would hope they would include at least a covered walkway.
Thank you for the opportunity to have a say. JeanG
It is very
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